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myBounds is an modern android application which would help mobile internet users to track and see their internet usage and mobile usage on their own phone. It is an immensely helpful android application where it would deter bill shocks due to over exceeding the internet usage limits set by each carrier provider.

At first when I opened the myBounds Application, I was greeted by an easy login page with a bright blue hue background. I was required to register for the application, which would collect my email address, and my favored password for future authentication which I felt was very helpful. After that, it was required of me to enter the carrier that is currently supporting my phone to help me track the usage. The Application also wanted me to input the limits that I wanted it to not exceed. I have also noticed that after registering and inputting my data information, myBounds had sent me a kind reminder for confirmation which was very nice and helpful.

After I finished registering everything, the application proceeded its homepage where it would show the current status that I was in. It showed very clear bar graphs of how much usage I had so far; it ranges from the data usage, voice usage and finally, text usages. One useful part about this program is that it shows me the percentage of what I used rather than just plain statistics which would be harder to decipher for someone who does not understand phone jargon. However, if you recognize those jargons, the application would kindly offer you those numbers; it would then not show you how much percentage that you had used but rather exact statistics, which is a nice thing to have.

It also has a notifications area, where it would automatically notify you when you exceed the inputted limit in order to prevent excessive bills to your phone bill per month; exceedingly advantageous to the users. I could also logout of my account and then proceed to other accounts. This is a very good function because then, I could help my family monitor their phone’s usage in order for our bills to not have a big shock.

Once I had forgotten my password and I had to use the “Forgot Password” function which then proceeds to send information on how to reset my password to my email. This is a considerate feature created by Vontiva Mobile Solutions (the Application Creator) to help forgetful people (such as myself) and is most certainly welcome by all users of the program.

However, as with any application, there would be points to improve on. For Vontiva, there would not be a lot to improve on since it is already so excellent. One nuance that I found is that it does not record down usage that I had from last month; it would be hard for me to track the amount that I had used last month as a result. Another thing that I disliked is that we, the users do not have any other ways to view and inspect our usage. I would appreciate it very much if they allow us to view the usages in line graphs, or pie charts.

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  1. Marc Lennox

    Thanks for the review! We appreciate the suggestions for improvements, and in fact all the items you mention are on our list for future improvements and add-on features. We already do calculate and track the previous month’s usage, we just don’t have a screen to display it (yet).


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