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Did you ever think that we would depend so much on social networks these days for the friends that you meet? If you ever really wondered if you have much in common with any friend, look no further than Myndpage. Myndpage is not like a social network, it only links you with other people around the world by using keywords instead of adding people you do not know and have nothing in common with. So if you are a person who likes Coffee to put an example, just type the word and 4 tags along with it. It may seem strange to you at first, but Myndpage is really useful when you are just looking for friends to talk about stuff that really matters to you.

Personalization on social networks is back, allowing you to post a background for your page as well as changing the colors of the background and other parts. You may not realize that you portray a message once you have those keyboards on your page. Other people around the world can type in some keywords for different subjects and add you as well. The way to do this is by clicking on “Theme” on the top of the webpage and using the search function to browse through the subjects. Once you find a subject that you like, you answer with a few tags and it automatically finds people who think the same way.

It’s time to try out new things and Myndpage may seem as a challenge for many people who aren’t used to writing with tags. However, the page is easy to navigate and you can personalize and choose if you want to display your information or not. What’s best about Myndpage is that there are no likes and/or dislikes, just people formulating opinions and joining a community. You may have never realized that you portray a message with the keywords and those keywords are available to you when it comes to Myndpage. There are no hidden meanings or messages in the subjects and you can formulate your own word to have people “Mynd” it.

Myndpage just goes further into the things that matter to you. For example, it isn’t the same if you have someone decide what you may like when you can do that yourself as you experience new things. Myndpage gives you the controls to publish thoughts by writing a Keyword and linking that keyword to others in order to formulate a trend. In other words, many people can think in so many ways that a keyword can have a bunch of different meanings. However, if you can connect people to one, two or even 4 words, Myndpage formulates a percentage that allows you to see how much you are connected or alike to each person.

Society usually tries to fit inside the box Myndpage provides a space where you can share ideas and thoughts without that box that is keeping us apart, joining communities, races, languages, different looks and the best things in life. After all, we may just not have that connection with that model-type other than physical, so why not even try to find someone who may have the same interests or even both? Myndpage allows you to post your picture and see your status on Myndpage regarding your followers and the people that you are following as well. Myndpage is the right tool designed for people who think outside the box and are ready to experience true friendships, even through the internet.

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