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Tired of forgetting your daily tasks? Are you always thinking that you forgot something? My Task Booster( Online Task Management Tool ) can help you remember your daily tasks so you can manage your time efficiently and effortlessly. Task Booster will help you keep track of your tasks on their webpage with a simple process. Signing up only takes a minute or less and you can immediately start using My Task Booster. On your main page, you can see your daily, weekly or monthly events, making it easier for you to manage your time on each task.

You can easily input a task and then drag and drop it on your daily, weekly or monthly calendar. Once you post it at a certain time or date, you can extend how much time it takes you to finish the task. On your inbox, you can fill it with new tasks, add new goals or even provide feedback on your tasks. Just drag and drop from the right side of your screen and the title will appear on your inbox, where you can edit the details on the event for further knowledge. The inbox also allows you to move your tasks around and arrange them as you would like to see them. You can also post tags to make it easier to remember this event as well as a due date. Motivation is the key to keep you focused, so use these tools to remind you how much work you have done in a day, week or month. You can use it to show others how you have been doing as well.

The overdue tab will show the tasks you haven’t been able to complete at the given time and the achievements tab provides you with a list of completed tasks, keeping a history for you to check out whenever you need to. You can configure My Task Booster to remind you of your tasks a few minutes before you set the event. You can configure the time it takes to remind you of the events planned. You can also choose a language as well as a default view that shows what you would want to see first when you sign up or log into your account. My Task Booster can personalize the way you want to view your tasks, so it definitely adapts to you and you can focus only on your tasks.

If you are on the website, notifications automatically appear on your screen so it is easy to get notifications via the website as well. The blog area provides news and updates on My Task Booster, keeping you up to date on new things. Right now, My Task Booster is on Beta version and it is free to try for the moment, so take advantage of this opportunity to organize your life and manage your time without complications. Whenever you have so many things to do in a day, My Task Booster will make it look like nothing, giving you the confidence to finish your tasks on time and complete more tasks in a day. This application also hosts everything on one page, so that you won’t get stuck between web pages and make time for everything. The website provides a colorful and organized view, which makes it fun to use and it also provides personalization regarding personal choices once you get to use the website. If you would like to check out various things that you could do with this application, just take their video tour and you will see every feature of the website.

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