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It is a social commentary platform that allows users to build a private voting record and match to people with similar views, values and beliefs.

The users post a question; they organize the content and make it easy for users to match and unite based on private responses. It’s fun way to respond to the current news and a great way to recruit someone for your cause or find someone to debate with.

It’s the way the information is organized that makes it easy to find similar people, organize over a specific cause or issue, and find someone to debate with.

The basic idea for this website is to empower users to take a stance on current issues, voice their opinions in an organized way, and find people with similar views. The purpose of this website is to make it efficient to find strangers, people where you would not otherwise have met, who are similar to you with similar views, values and beliefs. Having access to these people makes it fun to share and post interesting news stories, links, and anything else that interests you and interests them. This leads to meaningful interactions, discussions, and new friendships.

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