Nab It – Be The Ninja And Grab Gold Coins From The Travelers

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Ninja, the word by itself is quite crazy. Appearing from nowhere and defeating the enemies in split seconds is the fantasy part of the Ninja world that almost all of us would love. The love for Ninja fantasy can be met to a fair extent by playing Ninja games on our mobile devices.

The App Store is loaded with tons of Ninja games of which most of them are deadly and involve too much violence. We must be careful in choosing them as we know kids in our home also play with our mobile devices. One unique ninja app that I recently downloaded is the Nab It game.

You play the role of Ninja in the game and you can touch any of the trees in the app’s interface to move around. All that you have to do is to loot the coins from the passer-by merchants. As you grab the coins the score is noted at the top, using which you can upgrade in the shop. The lives tracker has three hearts that denote the life of your Ninja. Once you lose all lives, you get to die and the game gets over. The app rewards you with bonus coins when the score gets higher.

The more you proceed with the game, the more tougher it gets. Nab It looks simpler but there are many hurdles that you must be aware of. The game has archers who fire arrows that we must dodge to save our lives. There is also a deadly bird that flies overhead, you have to hide yourselves in the opposite trees to avoid getting hurt by the bird. Then there comes the small snail which may slow you down. Beware of this little idiot as you may not notice him in the interesting gameplay. Last, but not the least comes the bomb merchant whom you must be very careful with, they sell explosions which can be deadly to your life.

The shield in the app allows you to take any damage while it’s upon and you have to grab it while it appears. Another power- up that gives you deadly stars to hit someone/something that cause you danger is the Ninja star.  The graphics of Nab It is quite good with not too much blood and violence. The GUI is very intuitive and easy to use.

Created by Prodigy Games LLC, this game app is for sure a treat to all the Ninja lovers. The game is available for both iPhone and Android devices and can be downloaded for free. This Ninja Android game is definitely a keeper and can satisfy your thirst for ninja action.

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