Namaste: Say Hello to the world around you

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With the west invading our country India, a good part of the Indian culture is also being eroded away. It is high time we return to the roots of this lovely culture. To begin with, we could start getting to know the people around us by saying Namaste, which means Hello in Hindi. The aim of the Android app Namaste is to help you connect to people around you and make more friends each day.

If you are working and happen to be traveling a lot, you sure would know how hard it is to approach people from different cultures. Yet, when you adopt your own culture, you shall see how much easier this task becomes. Get going by saying Namaste to them. The Android app helps you find friends in your vicinity. These friends are actually users of the app, each characterized by a valid status. Oftentimes, you are required to go on trips alone for work and do not know what to do in your leisure time. In the absence of a guide, traveling can be both boring and painful. It is at these times that you can turn to the app to find a friend near your location to keep you company.

Developed by Phone-Concept-SEZC, it is compatible with Android version 3.1 or higher. Namaste is a lot more than a simple chat messenger. It does provide you with the facilities of a chat messenger nonetheless, allowing you to have long chats with friends. The main functionality of this app lies in helping you make friends in new unkown places. You could make friends just to talk to, accompany you for a trip or hang out with you or go out for lunch or beer with you. The choice is yours indeed. You are sure to find people of all kinds and variety on this app.
If you are looking for a person of similar interests to spend some time with, then you only have to list out your interests on this app. It will then find like minded people for you to hang out and spend time with. This way, you can learn and grow as a person, developing your interests as well as your social skills.

If security is a concern, then this app looks into that aspect as well for you. All your chats are kept in one single place and are automatically erased after a period of 21 days. If you are inactive for two hours or more, the session is automatically terminated, ensuring that it does not act as a major drain on your battery. Also, the user interface is quite intuitive and easy to use. The design is stylish and attractive too.
On a larger and more global scale, Namaste app has contributed in making the world a smaller and better connected place. It serves to bring together people of similar cultures and interests using a unique approach. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Free. There is also a paid version available for $1.49 per year if you would like to use it for longer.

Good: Excellent concept

Bad: None

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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