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NARR8 is something of a collection of a myriad range of publications, something like a digital library of graphic novels, nonfiction and even comics. It is about education and entertainment integrated with interaction and animations to bring to life stories of your choice with just a single touch.

With NARR8, the process of navigating through publications and downloading them has been made very easy, all this for free. The main aim of this iOS app is to allow you to browse, read, discover and share a wide range of interactive comics content. There is quite a range of series available at present, with more being added and expected to be released soon. The content is free for now, although it is expected to be charged soon enough.

The interface has been done very neatly indeed and is quite impressive. You can browse through the man series available at present and view previews and ratings. If you wish to read a given series, then you subscribe to it and can then download its episodes as per your will. Every episode is in the form of an individual download. One big disadvantage is that when you unsubscribe from a given series, you delete all of its downloaded episodes. This is as simple as downloading comic series gets.

Navigating through a series is quite simple. There are sound effects, music, animations and speech bubbles available with every frame. The animations are very clear and do not show any blurriness. The transition between the many frames is quite smooth and the sound is of good quality too.

The app has been integrated with Twitter and Facebook as well. There is a ‘social and friends’ panel through which app users can share the episode they are then reading. Users can even connect their accounts with these social networks to allow for automatic updates from the app, while inviting friends to check it out as well. Selecting the friends you wish to share this content with is a little tiresome as there is no option to deselect all your friends at once.

Besides these and a few minor glitches, NARR8 is a great app that functions well. Considering that the content is available for free, its quality is very good. There is always the potential of making money through premium content in the future. If you have always been intrigued by motion comics or nonfiction being presented in a visually appealing way, then you just have to give this app a shot. With a few changes, it could be a big hit and could be a hot favorite of fans of this type of content.

As of present, this app is rapidly adding new series in the genres of fantasy, anime, sci-fi, horror, mythology, world history and many more on a very regular basis. It has brought forth a new way of enjoying motion comics interactively, one that is yet to be developed and explored to its full potential. For it does truly have tremendous potential indeed.

Good: NARR8 allows for free download of comic series

Bad: Sharing options need to be worked upon

Worth Having Application – Download the Application


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