NBA General Manager App – Enjoy the Business side too !!

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Nowadays, playing mobile sports game is not only about the physical part of the sport. You can also enjoy the business side. The NBA general manager iPhone app is a mobile game that allows you to enjoy the fast paced and interesting aspects of NBA management.

Unlike many games that only allows you to play the role of athletes, the NBA general manager app allows you to control the front office and business decisions of your team through simulation.

What is the NBA General Manager app?

The NBA general manager is an app that allows you to build and manage any NBA team of your choice. You can sign players ( Centres, Guard, and forwards) from a selection of all time players and current players right and build your dream team right from the NBA general manager app.

How the app works.

Using the app is very easy. You just need to sign up and select any team you want to manage. Downloading and creating an NBA general manager account is free and easy. After signing up, the next thing is to select a randomly reassigned lineup. After this, you will get free $5,000,000 and 25 coins to help you jumpstart your career as a general manager in the NBA.

After you select your team, you can lead your team to plays against other teams in user match ups. Apart from playing matchups, the app also allows you to bid on free agents and even accumulate coins to buy big-name players. When using the app, the key to making a well-balanced team is to fill your roster by making smart moves.

Features of the app.

1. Build your team.

The app allows you to maintain your franchise. You can sign up new players, strategies on improving your team, challenge other managers in match ups and even prepare for the league even off season to beat your opponents.

2. Play against other users in matchups.

The app lets you compete against your friends and other players in matchups. By playing against other users, you will get the chance to advance in the game and claim your position on the leaders board.

3. Reality based point system.

The system used by the app to calculate points is 100% realistic. This feature makes the game very realistic. The value of players varies according to their performance in the real life NBA league. So you have to be careful enough when purchasing players to ensure that you have only the best.

4. Enhancements and Power-ups.

The game comes with virtual power-ups that allow you to improve your team and enhance your chances of winning the league.

Pros of the app.

-Easy to use

-Free of charge.


The match-ups are simulated.

The NBA General Manager is one of those unique apps that lets you enjoy some aspects of the game that are not available to other apps. Its easy to use and on top of that, free of charge. If you are a fan of the NBA and always wanted to play the manager, then this is a perfect app for you.

Worth Having App- Download the App


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