Nearest5, a new way to social media

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Nearest5 is an application that puts being social back in the hands of the crowd. With social media controlling majority of most daily lives, it breathes a breath of fresh air in an online industry that, for some, has become quite mundane. Facebook is loaded down with apps and games that generate for complaints than entertainment. Is Instagram the world’s new model search campaign, save the selfies ladies because once I close my computer I forget all about you. Twitter is great for following the fabulous lives of celebrities, but how many real �friends’ do you actually keep up with there? “What is Myspace?” says the new generation of tech users, don’t worry Tom it will be cool again in twenty years along with selfie sticks and flat-brimmed caps for the next-age hipster.

Nearest5 is none of that. I mean, it is of course some of it knowing that you of course have to use the internet and involves sharing photos, thoughts, and ideas. The key difference here is that your message, whether it be a funny meme image or whatever it is your ADHD is feeding on at that moment, is only going to be broadcast to the closest five Nearest5 users. What does that mean for you? Well, it creates a social atmosphere in what nowadays seems to be an antisocial atmosphere. Your interactions can be more than a brush of the shoulder and a glance with the man in the suit on the train. Instead, if he is a user of Nearest5, you can share with him a hilarious comic strip or an inspirational quote and possibly change the mood of his entire day. One shared message could lead to a meaningful conversation, or just simply a smile from someone who needed it quite badly.

Of course, there are some disadvantages when it comes to your devices battery life. Nearest5 uses your phones GPS systems in order to actually find those nearest five people, and having used maps and doing some local online shopping in the past you know that just allowing devices to find your location can cut your electronic day short by some time. Always an inconvenience. Bring your charger if you are headed to work or will be driving while using your app and broadcasting your message to the people around you.

Overall, as stated previously, this is a well-designed application with a great interface and a smooth experience that will sure to please its regular users. The battery life issue could become an aggravation but as long as you start your experience with a fully charged phone and possibly have access to a charge cable throughout your day, you will be most satisfied with Nearest5. Don’t be deterred, either, because this app involves an experience you’re not used to having tucked behind your backlit screen, it could be an opportunity to, at worst, gain a whole new following of friends and fans to look at pictures of your cat or whatever it is you microwaved for dinner last night.



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