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If you run a blog or own an e-retail website, then only writing a good blog or having good products in your offer menu won’t last you a long queue of customers. If your website lacks that premium finish, even the best of your products will seem to have a layer of dust upon them. But how will you know what your customers like? Each customer has its own taste and you can’t customize your website based upon individual opinions. You must bring on the table a flavour of mass appeal and it can only be found out after a nod by your customers. But deciding on a wall colour can’t be done by brushing it different every day and asking for feedback by the incoming customers. It’ll only leave both customers and the painter annoying. So what’s the right way to do this?

Well, if you don’t have an answer to that, I have! I’m talking about Nelio A/B Testing ( If you’re running a website, then you must be familiar with the A/B testing concept. It’s very simple. Suppose you want to change the lading page of your website and your design team has come up with three alternatives. All of them have their own pros and cons and you can’t decide it on your own which one should make it to the website. So what Nelio A/B Testing does is it takes all the 3 alternatives and applies them randomly for different users. After say testing on 1000 such visitors, the application will give you a detailed report over the response of customers on different alternatives. If the conversion rate of say the 2nd option was highest, you can apply it as the landing page with just a click directly from that report. If you can think of a better practical free-flowing process than this one, be my guest!

Nelio A/B Testing allows you to test each and every single element of your website. You can test posts, landing pages, headlines, pages, menus, widgets, themes as well as CSS. So I think that covers it all, right? Moreover, you can run experiments and heat maps for any page and discover which part or portion of the whole page actually matters the most to your customers and which irrelevant elements are eating up space for nothing.

A neat, clean and beautifully choreographed dashboard makes sure you never have to leave your WordPress site and don’t need a technical acumen to handle the backend of your website. Visual charts, graphs, statistics and heat maps are all sources of vital information easy to understand, grasp and measure your performance vectors and improve upon them.

Overall, Nelio A/B Testing is a great tool to test what’s best for your WordPress website. The plug-in for this web app takes only a few minutes to be completely incorporated in your dashboard. There are many different subscription plans starting from $24/month when billed annually or $29/month otherwise. Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial.

Pros: beautiful dashboard; customizable; test anything; easy-to-understand reports; free trial available.

Cons: none.

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