Never forget a name again with Name Skillz!

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Remembering names is a core part of any social interaction. Whether you’re dealing with corporate clients, meeting a new friend or going on your first date, knowing (and remembering – that’s important) their name is a sign of respect and, well, forgetting it can be a recipe for disaster.

If you’re especially prone to forgetting people’s names then you’ll find this new memory app, Name Skillz, incredibly useful. Available to download on iOS and Google Play, the app uses a simple-to-follow, effective process to help you master the art of remembering names.

With a database of over 200 of the most common names in the US, your journey to memory master starts by learning the technique of associating visuals with names. Once the technique is locked down, the app gives you groups of virtual people – between 5 and 50 at a time – for you to put your name skills to the test. There are a ton of fun elements to make the process into a game and the goal is to climb from novice to master.

A great way to help improve social skills and all types of relationships, Name Skillz teaches us how to master one of the golden rules of meeting people – remember their name!

You can download Name Skillz on iOS and Google Play now!

Name Skillz is the app you never knew you needed. If you want to avoid awkward social situations & become better at remembering names, pick up the app now on iOS and Google Play.


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