Ninja Miner : Fast Paced and Entertaining Gaming App

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Mobile Games are among the mostly favored type of games by kids as well adults and teens, one of the main reasons is their convenience since these devices allows anyone to enjoy their favorite games at anytime and anywhere. Action games and games that involve adventures and seeking treasures are the preferred and are always on the best games list for any kids or even in the app market. They are best money grossers to the developers as well, apps which portrays favorite heroes and super stars such as batman, harry potter, ninja makes the top of the list. The preference to action and adventure games is mainly because these games are completely entertaining and anyone who plays these games enjoys them to a full extent. Ninja Miner is one such action and adventure gaming app which involves solving puzzles through the use of mining tactics. This app has been developed and launched by Vitaliy Sirodev and marketed by Silent Games for iPad and iPhone users. The app requires iOS 5.0 or later versions of the software for its effective functioning.

How to play the game?

Ninja Miner is racy and fun filled game, which sometimes gives the feeling of playing the famous Pac man game but with no moving enemies to eat you up, but there are some physical obstacles such as spikes make of metal and other such things which are revealed one by one as you progress through the game. The players have to initially select the level which they wanted to play, the level of difficulty increases as they move up the ladder. Then in each level they have to gather precious gems as the find them this increases their points and helps them to proceed to the next level. Players will also have to collect the keys in order to open the doors which lead them to other level. They may also face some strong obstacle block which has to be burst with the help of the special key to move through solve the puzzle and collect the hidden treasures. AN interesting feature in the game allows the players can also use the portals which helps them to travel from one location of the map to another.


  • Well-designed graphics and clean display with perfect animation
  • More than 64 levels of interesting puzzles filled with unexpected treasures and obstacles designed specifically for each stage.
  • Entertaining and super-fast paced ninja which engrosses the players.
  • Players can record their achievements in the game center and compete with their friends. There are more than 25 achievements.
  • Players can enjoy the game which can be played in four different locations.
  • The app has the additional survival mode which is filled with more challenges and fun.


Ninja Miner is an entertaining and fun filled app through which kids and adults can sharpen their skills to solve puzzles. This game can be downloaded for free from the app store, but hurry the offer lasts only for a short period of time.

Good – Racy entertainer.

Bad – Can add additional features such as enemies etc.

Worth Having Application : Download the Application


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