NocNock :Who’s At The Door?

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The NocNock app created by Sheppard Partners Inc. Business with the aim of Communicating better with the most important people in your life.It is the world’s first mobile, social assessment tool with a focus on helping its users create better relationships. NocNocK is the first tool to have made these insights for free without premium charges. It is first tool that allows users to compare their profile to the profiles of others. The very first tool to deliver these insights in the palm of your hand .The app is a statistically validated mobile personality assessment application perfect for dealing with team dynamics in the workplace.

The app allows you customize your information for each person such as teams, Sales Professionals, Teachers and more impressively, for the visually impaired.

The Major features of this app includes,:

– Enables you to chat just about anywhere; underground, in subways, bars. Even in airplanes if that is allowed knowing that some airplanes have strict policies on this.
– Lightning form of messaging : The messages transmits in-air between the devices – Truly instant messaging
-Encrypted messaging :No way of tracking/seeing the messages of a user – No servers – No friends lists – Absolute privacy and that is what all Smartphone users crave for.
– Group chat with about up to eight people at the same time which is pretty impressive on its own giving that all you require is a Bluetooth connection
– Simple usage: start the app, browse for people nearby or around your locality and chat It’s that straight forward.

We are moving out of ways to communicate with each other. You may think that it is an exaggerated claim but that is the reality as the rate of digital consumption is mind boggling .We cannot seem to get enough of various social tools be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. There are over 5 billion people in the world that we have not met and a lot of these people struggle with basic internet connection.

With the power of the n Bluetooth in iOS 7, to let people chat here and now – it’s instant, it’s free, it’s discreet and we love it. Apart from handy way of silently communication with pals at work ,school or at home, Bluetooth communication is also good for creating new friends in a new place or a crowded area because you can virtually catcht up with everyone who has an iPhone. What you can do is switching your Bluetooth on and download a chat program called ‘Nocknock’ (free for iOS 7). To get started, just sign your username and start scanning for other users nearby.

Pros of the Nocnock app:

– It creates anonymity. We all know how digital companies make a killing selling data to advertisers. This app eliminates that worry of digital stalking.

– a simple and powerful tool for understanding yourself and your own communication preferences

– Very easy to use: As easy as powering on your iphone or any smart device you have.

– It improves communication among work groups, etc

– It makes users more efficient.

– No need for internet connection to communicate. Anything that saves data is a welcome development

Cons of The App:

It is so hard to find a negative in the course of reviewing this app but like the saying goes, for every positive, you must have a negative.

-If you use an iphone or apple device that ios 6 or lower. The app was created with ios 7 and Bluetooth 4.0.You will not be able to have access to the app and its features.

-If you are the type that is used to operating your iphone with data on, you might find it (like I did) quite a challenge in making use of this app.

After all said and done, this is a great app to own if you are an apple user.The pros far outweigh the cons and while some may tell you to choose what is best for you. I will rate this app 8.5 out of 10 and that tells you that is a must have for all we apple fans.

You can visit developer’s site here.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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