Nomanis Crew: The apt game for people who like fun

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About Nomanis Crew

Nomanis Crew is a super fun and challenging game, that features Nomanis, who has straight away come from the Twitch to evolve as a game character and have his own share of adventures. The premise underlying the game is simple, Nomanis is released from the confines of his mental trap, by a lazy, jobless guardian angel and granted with tremendous super powers, in the form of strengths and dexterity, with the help of which he can traverse along trouble-strewn roads and tackle all kinds of hurdles to unlock and free his friends.

Playing Nomanis Crew is real fun as it allows the user to face the many obstacles that come in the way of his venture and rewards players with novel powers and bonus points with every level that is crossed. Styled akin to the Super Mario gaming platform, the Nomanis Crew is easily available for download on high versions of Android and other high-end devices.

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Main Features

Nomanis Crew game features the hero Nomanis, who is blessed with desirable qualities of mental strength and dexterity to rescue his friends and Gorliks. The player gets to play the part of Nomanis and fight the many challenges that come in the way of his endeavor.

  • The game is styled in a side-scroller fashion, similar to the Super Mario game platformer.
  • Graphics of the game are of fluid-smooth animation type, with high resolution contrast and attractive colour display.
  • Every level of the game corresponds to a hurdle, which when surpassed, brings attractive rewards to the player, that serves to enhance the prowess of Nomanis.
  • Nomanis Crew is available for download on Android 4.0 or higher versions and iOS as well.


Nomanis Crew, with its side-scroller platformer reminiscent to the old world genre of Super Mario, comes across to players as engaging and challenging at every step.

  • Characters included in the game are far from boring. They are animated, fun to watch and much lovable too.
  • With no hang-ups, unnecessary time-outs and interfering ads, the game allows you to stay glued throughout your free time.
  • With every level, players get awarded with added bonuses and super powers, to encourage them to cross even more hurdles and reach the pinnacle of success.


  • Nomanis Crew is one game that has seen slower updates, as compared to its counterparts, which is why certain users interpret it as a tad too general. Nevertheless it continues to challenge and excite even ace players at every level.
  • Nomanis Crew game app has a limited range of compatibility, as it can be enjoyed only by users of Android 4.0 versions or more than that.


All in all, Nomanis Crew is one game that never fails to enthrall and create an impression. With a side-scroller theme similar to the Super Mario game platformer, it provides a user-friendly interface and is easy to grasp even by beginners. With no hi-tech, mind-numbing details and confusing graphics, the game carries a subtle charm, as it smoothly shifts levels and poses new challenges to the players.

All throughout, it is vibrant and interesting. The characters, with their animated behaviours, are fun to watch and relatable. As an adventure and action-packed game, Nomanis Crew retains the classic components of the Super Mario genre with some awesome novel features as well as character behaviours. It is a perfect game for those who wish to pass a few happy hours, away from the complexities that reign the real world.

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