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Have you been fascinated with the quintessential idea of maintaining your very own personalized journal? A diary where you can preserve your most cherished memories, photographs and write-up? If so, then NoteLedge® is just the right app for you. Once again, Apple brings you this brand new app which is all- encompassing. You can pen down your thoughts, write down your appointments, and click pictures along with being able to edit them, save audio or video recordings and many more such features. The best part of NoteLedge® is that it makes organizing your life simpler by eliminating the need for innumerable pens and papers. You can take advantage of this app if you possess an iPhone, iPad or an iPod Touch. This app needs iOS 4.0 or a more advanced version of the software. It is also available in various languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese. NoteLedge® helps you integrate your various needs into one single device.


  • The user can make notes immediately and use NoteLedge® as a travelogue or a personal diary.
  • NoteLedge® can also be used to prepare notes during important meetings or office presentations.
  • It can play the role of an appointment book by allowing you to keep track of your weekly and monthly plans much in advance.
  • You can enhance your aesthetic ability and unleash your creative potential by reaping benefits of features like photo editing and drawing.
  • Features like drawing and the various fonts available are fairly realistic. The user is allowed to place the text box and the photographs or drawings anywhere on the page.
  • The user has a huge array of page covers and unique, artistic design templates to choose from.
  • The content can be customized, along with the application of various background covers.
  • Bookmark modes and read-only modes are feasible through this app.
  • The user can also store video or audio recordings along with his notes and photographs to make his journal more varied and colourful.
  • Numerous photo filters like Black and White, Sharp Colour, Gothic etc are supported by this app.
  • Photos and other contents can be customized and cropped along with it having built-in stamps.
  • All the files and appointments can be organized according to their dates, sizes and most importantly, the user’s preference.
  • It contains a calendar and a map view which will help users to manage their notes.
  • The app has a very strong password protection system which will ensure security.
  • The user can easily create various copies of his files.


The infinite features that are available in this app make it a very attractive proposition for the user since he does not have to download various apps for fulfilling various purposes. This app takes care of every user’s need by incorporating almost every feature into itself.

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