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Notepad is one of the most used applications in our computers. If there is anything to be noted down or if there is something to be made note off, first thing we do is open the notepad page and write down whatever is needed. There would be no computer user without using the notepad. But today due to the technological advancement, more and more people have started using the mobile phones for all the work that they used to do using a computer.

Well yes today people are no more dependent upon desktops and laptops. The new age devices have arrived to replace computer in the name of Smartphone and tablets. Well yes, it is possible to do almost every work that we would do on a computer, using a smartphone. And to make changes according to the present situation, the electronic goods makers are also making sure that Smartphone has everything that a normal computer user needs. In that case, notepad is one application that most computer users need and now Smartphones to have their own customised notepad to use.


This particular app called as Notepadus widget will work very well on all the android enabled Smartphones. All you need for this app is a smartphone with android OS and that is it. This is a very user friendly app just like the notepad in the windows. All you need to do is download the app and install it, to start using it.

How does it work?

Just like the notepad in the windows, it is a simple notepad that is really worth having in our system. Unlike many other apps, this is one app that every android user would like to have in their mobile. If there was one thing that was missing in your smartphone, then it should be the notepad. That is why since the day of its release, this particular app has been receiving very good reviews with only happy customers. The best thing about Notepadus is that it works really fast, just like the hard copy notepads do. All you need to do is tap on the app and your page will open instantly.

Then, you can check out the already saved info or you can create new notes for future use. When it comes to writing new notes, it is as simple as writing on the windows notepad. You can write as many pages as you want and save it. And when it comes to viewing the already saved ones, all you have to do is click on the saved pages and view them one by one. Once you have done with your writing, you can either save it or you can send the page to your email page, to send it to your friends and family or for professional use.


The best thing about the Notepadus is that, it is quite similar to the notepad that we are used to. So it is very easy to use.


There is nothing negative as such, but any day people would prefer using notepad on desktops over Smartphones.

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