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Is this another regular slow messenger application that offers nothing new and ignores your needs whatsoever? No, it is not. Now Messenger is a new generation free messenger application specially made to suit YOU, popular for its versatility and its interesting design.There are enormous differences between Now Messenger and any other messenger you are using at the moment.

One of the differences is being able to communicate through Now Messenger with someone even if that person does not have the application by SMS which later, if the person downloads the application, can be switched between SMS and Real-time mode.

Real-time modeIt is not uncommon for us to type and send something we very soon, if not at instance, regret. Perhaps it is a grammatical typo we do not want anyone to see. Perhaps it is an embarrassing information or just a message we shouldn’t of have sent.Real-time mode allows you to EDIT message even after you sent it giving you a power of absolutely manipulating the conversation.The second ability of real-time mode is character by character stream which gives you a feeling of real talking instead of a typical feeling of texting with someone.You do not have to impatiently wait no more to see what someone is typing as you see every character he types at the moment.To enable the real-time mode you have navigate to contacts page and click on the head icone on the right of your contact. Simple as that.

Easy to useExcept for its unique options, it is known as one of the easiest messengers to use.To edit a message all you have to do is to double click on it.To delete a message you just have to swipe it right or left.To change chat background photo just have to click on a camera icone in the top right corner.To send a message or a voice recording (for now, limited on 30 seconds) you only have to click on a [+] icon.Group chat number of participants is not limited. Everyone in a group chat can add or kick any participant except for the owner of the group.Supports the basic emoji pack which will progressively expand.Has built-in FAQ in case of assistance.

Protects your privacy Unlike other messenger that violates your privacy, Now Messenger will not show your last seen if you insist on it not showing.You can delete any message in any moment removing any evidence you left. [Real-time mode]You can block/mute any contact by clicking on “Manage Blocked Contacts” which prevents them from performing any action related with you.

Chat Bubble Colors The color of a message depends on its state and sender.Blue bubble messages represents your messages.Green bubble messages represents your SMS messages.Gray bubble messages represent your current, undone message that you are typing.Yellow bubble messages represent SMS, MMS and real-time messages you’ve received.

Now Messenger is a must have application on your phone. Its user adaptiveness will increase the quality of your everyday chatting, furthermore, it will make your life more simple.
Now Messenger knows!

Worth Having App – Download the App


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