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The nPlayer, an iPhone app was developed by Newin. This app allows its users to play different kinds of video and codecs without having to convert the files. For the audio player, the app is able to play MP3, WMA, WAV including the FLAC. However, you can adjust the subtitle’s colour and sizes. nPlayer is compatible with iPhones and iPad and can be downloaded by the same.

The nPlayer has a well built-in WebDAV client and the SMB or FTP client. Its function is to stream including downloading media files. This app is very user-friendly and accepts many intuitive gestures for the operation of the nPlayer interface. Use the play/pause features to navigate.

The nPlayer is very compatible with the iPhones 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 5, iPod touch(3rd, 4th and 5th generations), iPhone 4S and an iPad. However, it is optimized for the iPhone 5. It requires the iOS 7.0 or later.

The description of the app.

-There is no need of converting any video file to MP4 for you to play them in the i device. This app enables one to play all the kinds of video formats and even codecs without any file conversion effort.

-There is no need for storage of video files in the mobile device that has limited space for storage.The nPlayer app will help you stream the files from a remote device using its powerful network technologies.

-Using the finger tip, it is possible to adjust the playback position, go to the next or previous subtitle position, regulate the volume and the brightness, adjust the location and the subtitle’s font sizes.

-Experience the nPlayer. It has thousands of user recommendations.

The features.

1. It officially supports the DTS HD audio codec, the Dolby (AC3,E-AC3) audio codec and the Dolby mobile surround sound.

2.It Supports the Chrome-cast and the Video Cast for the Smart TV.

3. The nPlayer supports files such as the ;audio files that includes the MP3, WMA, FLAC , video files like MP4, WMV, ASF, FLV, OGV TP. However, it also support image files including the JPG, TIFF, BMP and PNG. Finally, the playlist files that includes the CUE, PLS and M3U.

4.The app support the cloud service, the Toshiba Wireless Storage, In-App Web Browser, iTunes Video or Audio play and pictures and videos in an album. Also, it supports the Web DAV, HTTP and SFTP including the DLNA.

5. It supports the audio sync and boost, Multi track audios, lyrics display and the Dolby or DTS HDMI bitstream.

6. It possess the file management features includes; Move, rename, delete and create a folder. The playlist management features including; add, delete and modify. In addition, it support Wi-Fi transfer without a USB connection cable.

7. The gesture features.

– Tap for the menu display.

– Double tap for pop-up play.

– Drag horizontally to playback position adjustment.

– Drag vertically on the screen right half for the volume control.

– Drag vertically on the screen left half for brightness control.

– Pinch the screen for screen size adjustment.

Pros of the nPlayer.

-The List of features and the supported codecs is mind blowing.

-It is slick, very fast and the most responsive app.

-The source code of the app is completely available.

-It is very compatible with the i devices including the iPhone, iPad and the iPod devices.

The nPlayer app is customized for the iPhone and iPad and iPhone devices. It is the most suitable app for playing videos and even codecs without having to transfer the files. Download the nPlayer now to enjoy its benefits.

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