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At first view, Number Game has an attractive and simplistic user interface which would suit users of all ages. Instructions of the game is fairly simple and easy to understand; remove all the numbers in each level by matching a pair adjacently together or matching 2 numbers that add up to ten together. For example, matching a box with the number 2 in it with another box containing the same number would remove it from the game. You could also match that box with the number 2 with a box containing the number 8, to make a total of 10. The ease of this game would most certainly provide kids who are only started schooling or learning arithmetic a major push in the back by inducing an environment of mental calculation.

It is also a great time waster and would also force your brain to start thinking of ways to create the game field. I play Sudoku with my friends regularly and I can discover some similarities with this game; although I find this great game much more fun and interactive. For one, Sudoku has a much steeper learning curve but Number Game has a much gentler one where many would not fail to understand the logic behind this fabulous game. A point is that this game has a unique concept that I had never encountered before, meaning this game can really go far since it is the first of its kind.

I can play this game all day long due to the fact that it challenges both the brain and eye to swiftly look for pairs or two numbers that could be combined into a ten. Once I cleared the current game field and am left craving for more, there would be a new game field that appears below it! It really is an addictive game which is great on the go for anyone since it only deals with numbers ranging from one to nine.

However, as with any games, there is room for improvements nevertheless. I suggest implementing an “Undo” button which would allow users to delete the previous move that the users had made, rather than just restarting the whole game; detrimental for players who had only made a single mistake. The Application would also include a theme song or music of their own, which would allow it to stand out more amongst the thousands of Applications floating in the Market.

Another great implementation would be having higher difficulty levels such as having a time limit or larger numbers. This would really allow the Application to increase its stock in the competitive market and encourage serious competition.

Finally, I feel that the App should have some sort of integration with Social Media. Social Media is a large part of our lives and if we can link this game to Facebook such as allowing people to post their high scores online or share this application online, it would most certainly reach 5 star quality in people’s hearts.

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  1. Martin


    I’d like to point out that the application does have social media integration. After you have won the game you have a change to share it (and the number of moves it took) on Facebook or Twitter.

    Best regards,
    Aplefly Games


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