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If you own a company, you and your teams can’t handle multiple projects by just relying on human memory to keep them all organized. And if you’re thinking to keep them together in your email will be also a disaster. So basically, what I want to say is that everything can’t be done manually because there are so many information that needs to be written, documents to be shared, deadlines to be attained, projects to be delivered within budget and on time. You can’t depend on your team for doing all these important tasks unless you have a project management software, which is the solution of managing projects online.

A project management software takes less time to complete multiple projects. These softwares or apps help teams to handle some common problems, such as slipped deadlines, by automatically rescheduling tasks that are affected by them. It also helps to track time spent on projects and integrate with invoicing and billing systems. One such project management software is called Nuvro which is available as a web app in the market.

Whether you’re working individually or with teams, Nuvro software help you to get more work done in less time. Most of the Teams use Nuvro when tools like Asana are too little and others like Wrike are too many. This software goes beyond projects, tasks and collaboration.

Nuvro is a smart team management tool and helps to take an insight view of the activity and monitor the long-term performance of every team member.

With the help of Nuvro you’ll have a clear overview of everything which is important in your company which may include its past, present or future workload of every team member. This web app gives you team performance reviews, collaborative document management, an internal alternative to email and much more.

Nuvro is essential because it makes online project management easy. There is no learning curve in it and it makes managing work a snap. Here, with Nuvro collaboration feels so natural. The most important is that it offers that others don’t. It conducts performance reviews in private with the other managers.

Overall, Nuvro is an intelligent project and team management software which is available absolutely for free. Moreover Nuvro is an easy to use tool that is good for small teams and help to manage all the clients’ projects.

The graphics of the website are pretty cool and awesome. The website runs very smoothly and I think there is no flaw in this web app that I could mention here. So, if you own a company or working in a corporate you can recommend this software to others. It will help you a lot and saves your time as well as money. The results that come with Nuvro are truly accurate and reliable. So, go for it and start managing projects and your team online!

Pros: free project and team management tool; easy to use and understand; complete tasks in less time; monitors long-term performance; gives a clear overview of the present, past and future workload; an excellent tool for managing projects in your organisation.

Cons: none.

I will give this webapp 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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