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The OBD Car Doctor Pro is the paid version of the previous free app. It offers an excellent method of communicating with the vehicle’s diagnostic system. With the use of this app on your mobile, you can have an automotive scanner with high capabilities. It is a premier app on the Android platform from Mobile Developed. The main purpose and function of this app is to get diagnostic information, which can then be used for repairing your car or for monitoring its performance.


  • You can read parameters from the ECU of cars that are compliant with OBD car doctor. Both stored and real time parameters can be read with this app.
  • You can use two or more ECU for data reading by using this app, with the data being very stable.
  • It can be purchased in the Travel and Navigation category and is of size 976k in the 2.15 version.
  • You can check the reason for the engine light being on and will also be able to read error codes and clear them.
  • It is also possible to record speed and chart it. Recording and charting of temperature and pressure along with RPM is possible along with the presence of other sensors. Recording can also be done in background mode and these can be viewed and sent.
  • Parameter data can be read, displayed as well as recorded.
  • You can also read GPS information, such as the time you have traveled, the distance covered, etc.
  • The interface is simple and user friendly.
  • It requires a compatible Bluetooth adapter for functioning. The ELM 327 works as a bridge between the onboard computer of the car and your mobile device.
  • You can also send OBD II information concerning your car to help improve the app function.

The Good

It is a novel application that can communicate with the onboard computer in any car, provided it supports the OBD II specifications, no matter what the car model or the communication protocol. Most of the American vehicles that have been produced after 1996 along with European vehicles produced after 2001 and diesel vehicles after 2004 are able to support the application. You can also check out the compatibility of your car by first buying the OBD Car Doctor free version.

The Bad

The driver has to ensure that there are no other applications that are kept having active connection with the OBD, in order to get accurate data. Running several OBD reading apps simultaneously should be avoided.


OBD Car Doctor Pro is an easy to use mobile app that helps you know your car better and is ideal for auto enthusiasts. You can easily communicate with your car system and scan any problem. You can read vehicle data and monitor it in real time. It is easy to trouble shoot the diagnostic codes of your vehicle just for a few dollars by installing this app in your mobile device. It is a cost effective app for reading as well as troubleshooting your car problems, as professional scan tools would cost thousands of dollars. Technicians can use this app for connecting their scanning tools into the interface in order to easily diagnose the car.

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