OElite: A Shoe that Every Businessman Gets Fit in !

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Suppose you’re about to start an e-commerce website. You have everything laid out according to plan and a hope that everything will go accordingly. As your website hits the internet, you start getting orders and the results are better than you expected. But now the people are expecting more from you; a better service, a better website, more products, etc. So to meet the expectations, you start another website for another class of merchandise and the response gets better. But now, you’re finding it hard to handle everything on your own. There are so many different departments that need to be taken care of and for a start-up like yours, hiring a new executive isn’t a good time. It will take him time to understand your position and time is money. You need the supervision of an expert but a reasonable price that you can afford and somebody that you can trust. I think I’ve got a name for you!

I am talking about the web app called OElite which is an IT solutions website that takes all the pressure off your shoulders regarding managing your websites, your emails, your accounts, customers or anything. Just name it and you have it. It gives you all the spare time you need in this world to think about your growing your business rather than maintaining what you already have.

So starting with OElite, you can have any number of websites you want. You can select a predesigned template of theirs and customize it according to your taste and requirements. All these websites will be independent but can still be managed from a single source point. So whether it’s about updating the product database or checking with the customers list, you have it all under one roof. You’ll be given the domain name of your choice just like any business website and your very own business mailbox which saves you from any spam mails that buy your time for nothing.

The biggest advantage of using OElite is customization. Every single feature of your website from font to colour to the pricing strategy of your products can be customized. So it doesn’t matter how many websites they’re creating every day as long as they’re all different and yours will always be unique. They don’t only handle your customer database but also help you find leads to grow your business. Constant tracking of enquiries makes way for new customers.

When you’re working on the back-end, it’s the most difficult time for an admin. But with OElite, you just have to select what you want and how you want it and it’ll be done within moments. The Dashboard is a very neat & clean place to work at. It gets you all the information on the home page about your sales, any upcoming events, total revenue generated, etc. So you’re always updated with your company statistics. You can read the stats of different websites separately as well. Accessing the products or customer data base couldn’t have been any easier. If there are more than one staff members, add them all to your account and set the permissions for their accessibility. So you can collaborate with your team safely.

Overall, OElite is a very intuitive, neatly designed and fully customizable web app that runs a free trial service as well. The paid plans start from £10/month/user and go up to £25/month/user. These plans are really affordable and looking at the services you’re getting, they’re just peanuts!

Pros: intuitive and neatly designed interface; multiple customizable websites; business domain names; online payment integration; marketing & SEO; multiple user accounts; free trial available.

Cons: none.

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