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If you happen to like gambling and are in search of a new online casino to make a fortune, then OMG! Fortune FREE Slots will serve you this purpose. This Android app brings to you a wealth of casino games in a single app.  These games range from currency multipliers to mini games to bonuses to free coins and much more.  Play through the levels and make as much money as you can with this game. You can also check five dollars deposit casino.

Developed by LuckyFish Games, this app has something for everyone from beginners to experts. There are big shot games like bingo, wheel of fortune, slot machines and scratch cards for experienced gamblers. At the same time, there are mini games and bonuses for those who are new to gambling or would like to simply try their luck at it. And you also have the added comfort of sitting at home in the comfort of your bed or sofa and enjoying a casino. There are more than 25 unique games to be played and won. Additionally, new games are added every week and there are hourly bonuses and free gifts too.

Another interesting aspect of the game is that you can play against a community of people. The game is a well-connected one where you are up against real people. There’s a choice between real money and the game money as well. All you have to do is set your bet and then spin the table. You can change your bet at any minute. Either strategize or let luck govern your play. There is Facebook integration as well that allows you to find people playing the game among your friends on Facebook. Once you do play it, your results can be shared through Twitter, Facebook or other social media. There are incentives for posting on social media from the app and also gifts that can be sent or received from friends online.

The interface of OMG! Fortune FREE Slots is both colourful and shiny. There are lots of animations, enough to cram it to some extent. The game encourages you to put in real money from time to time. There are regular coin packages and offers that tempt you into putting in some extra cash.

You begin with a slot in the Lobby and work your way up the levels. You need to earn points as well as experience to move on to higher levels. As you proceed through the game, you also gather chances to place larger bets, which amount to losing or winning big. For those who find simple spinning too boring, there is more to this game to keep you hooked. There are bonus min games such as picking mystery items, bubble blasters, matching, and much more. There is a Daily Bonus, which will pull you back to the game each day. You can also check five dollars deposit casino,.

To sum things up, this game is for those who like gambling but do not have time to visit a real casino and also who look for variety of games in casinos. There’s a lot that one can earn from the app with a bit of skill and some time.

Good: Wide variety of games

Bad: Frequent reminders to invest real money

Worth Having Application –  Download the App


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