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The main aim of most businesses is to attract customers onto their online platform in order to ultimately make sales. In order to achieve the goal of profit maximization, there is great need to ensure that the business becomes well known to potential customers. Apparently, this can be achieved through promotion of the business’ products by different advocates or market affiliates. Interestingly, this has been made much easier since the introduction of Omnistar Tell webapp.

Actually, this great software has created an efficient platform where different businesses can seek the services of different advocates who are willing to promote their product. This app has adopted user-friendly interface that makes it easy to be integrated to different business. Besides, the user will note that it comes with detailed information that can highly assist the business to make informed choices. This is especially when it comes to issues related to marketing and promotion.

How the Omnistar Tell webapp operates

This amazing webapp operate in a unique way with the aim of fostering great performance for the online businesses. Actually, it acts as a great link that brings together different business and advocates who are ready to promote the business. Thus a business can mutually agree with the advocate team in relation to pricing for their services offered (both for marketing and promotion).

In relation to functionality, Omnistar Tell webapp facilitate creation of timed pop ups and exit intent on business websites. This facilitates easy conversion of visitors who come to such a website aided by the buildup of email list. By acquiring great leads from the email list, the business can use them to potentially make sales. The sales can also be boosted by Omnistar Tell webapp through initiating different referrals.

Distinct Features Found in Omnistar Tell Webapp

The user of this amazing webapp will come across the following features:

Go viral with  ‘Thank You’ pages

As a user of this webapp, one is offered a unique chance to develop different customized thank you pages. Interestingly, this can act as an opportunity for the business to be promoted by the visitors on different platforms including social sites. Besides, contests initiated by the promoters can attract buyers thus making the business to go viral.

Timed popups and exit intent

These features are meant to create an engagement with the website visitor with the aim of facilitating conversion. This is boosted by the presence of the email list which can be used to create leads.

Boost sales with the aid of contests

One will discover that establishing a contest is a way that helps in faster generation of referrals and new emails. The ultimate purpose of the contest will be achieved when different users will be able to take a critical role in marketing and promoting the business to others.

Great rewards for the brand advocates

In order to motivate the advocates undertaking the promotion and marketing activity, the business needs to come up with an efficient pricing structure in order to facilitate such a process. Some of the options that can be applied include the use of discounts, commissions, gift cards and coupons among others.

Apply social share feature

This is an amazing feature that plays a significant role in attracting new website visitors. The presence of the social share widget in one’s website can be used by visitors to link to such a business to their social platform. They include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This is a clear indication of more future visitors.

Improve on sales conversion

How can this be achieved? Apparently, one will notice that the issuance of coupons and discounts highly attract potential buyers to the website. Meanwhile, the business can opt to minimize the bounce rates in order to generate significant sales.

Here are the Pros and Cons that the user will discover from this webapp:


· Easy to choose the reward to offer advocates

· Simple to setup the software and integrate to business

· Search engine is highly optimized

· Great link offered to social sites attracts visitors

· Great promotion which is totally hosted by the app


· Only limited to promotion and marketing

· May be ineffective for businesses with complex systems


Omnistar Tell webapp is committed to offer a business with the necessary tools that can make it to instantly go viral. With the integration and support of features such as social share widget, smart rewards, timed popups and exit intent and content intent among others; the user should expect exceptional performance from this app. Clearly, this is a webapp worth recommendable for any business ready to increase its sales significantly. It comes with a free 15-day trial before proceeding to create a viral campaign. Get it today and completely transform the business!

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