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While you can do so much with your iPhone, the most basic and quintessential function is that of a phone. The phone and contact applications of Apple are roughly crude, making way for better options. For this very reason, a number of app developers have been working on solutions for easy dialing. While some have worked out, others have not. One Touch Dial belongs to the former of the two.

One Touch Dial allows you easy access to your contacts with convenience. It makes it easy to dial your favorite contacts and also stay in touch with them via text, Twitter, Skype, Email, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. You are allowed to select upto 5 contact methods for each contact. To select between them, you have to swipe the screen, which is a little cumbersome at times.

The main user interface is indeed unique and comfortable to work with. It provides you with a thumbnail grid of your contacts. To contact someone, you simple have to tap on the grid with their thumbnail. If there are multiple contact methods for a person, you can select the method from a menu with icons for each of the methods. Also, you can add a personal touch to the home page b customizing the layout and size of each of your contact icons. You get to select between 20 images at a time and 3 layouts. Select photos for your favorite contacts or assign colors of the rainbow for each icon. You can hide or display the name of each contact as well.

The user interface and design are such that accessing your contacts becomes almost effortless. The app works almost perfectly and fluidly with a few touches and swipes on the screen. Developed by Matixsoft.Inc, it makes your contacts list much smarter and convenient.

The basic functionality and concept of the app is indeed well thought over. This speed dial app makes staying in touch with your contacts much simpler and easier via various forums and methods. You can search for a person in your contacts by typing a part of his name or number too. There are options for quick dialing, quick messaging and also to view your call history.

Editing your contacts is equally simple with this app. Simply pinch on the icon of the contact on the screen to zoom in or out and then make changes. There are a number of preset background colors and icons to select between. Customizing your contacts grid by altering te number, size, layout and photos gives the app a unique feel on your phone and makes it highly personal. The graphics and user interface are indeed worthy of applause.

One Touch Dial is priced at $2 in the Apple app store. This is a little towards the expensive side for most though. Nonetheless, considering the pleasant experience and convenience it has to offer to help you keep in touch with those that are important to you in life, it is worth what it asks for.

Good: Easy access to contacts via grid of thumbnails

Bad: Slightly overpriced.

Worth Having Application : Download the App


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