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Iphone never quits to amaze its fans with its brilliant works. Through technology, it has proved great work through introduction of many applications. One of its latest creations is the OneHive app which has simplified many activities and even changed the old ways of office operations. With this application you are guaranteed effective performance and time saving. This is the ultimate app that is changing the trends in the market today. The new app comes with unimaginable features that will leave you amazed.


  1. Though this application you are able to track the progress of other members of your team that you are working with, this saves your time and your members as well. All you have to do is turn on your app and you are good to go.
  2. You are able to attach files on the checklist with the integration of the drop box.
  3. Through the checklist you are able to assign reviewers who can review your work items.
  4. There is full transparency when it comes to showing the time status of those active on the checklists. This is by conveying the real time. Incase informational files are sent, you are able to know they were received on the other end.
  5. The application makes it possible to create checklists, and as many as you want just from your mobile device, IOS device or even your computer.
  6. You are able to receive, status updates whenever they are shared from the checklists you own.


  1. It’s convenient, since you are able to have access to your team. Meaning you don’t have to arrange for meetings.
  2. Saves your time. You know of the saying, time is money. This app will save your time.
  3. You are able to transfer files amongst your team members, which makes communication to be easy and fast at the same time.
  4. It’s an application that is compatible with your computer or Iphone.
  5. It doesn’t take too much space on your gadget, just part with 7.8 MB and you are ready to launch it.


  1. The only disadvantage of this application is that, it may be hard to learn the application during the first days of training. But once you get to know how it works, you are a pro.

Recent upgrades on the application

  1. The application can now enable you to schedule checklists either on a monthly basis, weekly or even annually depending with you. This saves your time since you don’t have to create checklists now and then.
  2. The due time concept. Well, this amazing, whereby you are given the option of setting the date alongside with the item, thus through the date, you are able to get a notification through the OneHive application. From there you can work on the item at your own best time.

OneHive is able to offer external and internal connections by reducing the gap in the delivery or communication. This is an innovative product that needs to be utilized in companies today, for a better future tomorrow. Can you imagine doing marketing and sales operations on any platform from anywhere? Well, that’s advancement and an opportunity to improve. Don’t just read or hear about it. Just go to the Apple store and download it for yourself and see what OneHive can do.

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