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It is an online project management for business solution and they focus on the individual first. Their solution is aimed at making the individual user more successful by offering organization and productivity tools. When someone’s personal success is established, they can pass that success along to other areas of their lives.

By empowering the individuals to be successful with OnePlace, businesses benefit from their success. Now the people in your business keep client and vendor information organized in OnePlace, and projects are being managed effectively. By bringing the people in your business together, you are improving communication and collaboration with OnePlace.

The customizable home page provides an overview of things that matter most to you. Your team’s activity, upcoming project, task deadlines and details about works exhibited on your schedule. It also offers blended views of information from the workplaces you belong to, keeping you up-to-date on the status of your workplaces.

It allows you to move panels around your home page using simple drag and drop, so you stay organized and productive.

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  1. All in one place and Home for successful business.
  2. It is an online project management for business solution.
  3. How effective is internal conversation?

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