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With so many websites, electronic devices, payments and identity theft, it is hard to follow the rules for storing too many passwords in one place. With One Safe, there is no need to worry because you have one of the best password safes that you will ever find on the iTunes App Store. The reviews state it all, with over five hundred and twenty five and counting, this application has a 4.5 star rating. Compared to other safe applications from the iTunes App Store, this looks like the real deal. Users complained about other safe apps because of their flimsy design. You pay for what you get, and One Safe is worth the money if you read reviews from satisfied customers.

One Safe provides three types of protection to prevent password discovery from thieves or if someone just happens to pick up your device. The first secure mechanism is the Pin number, where you can set up a password of four digits. Along with this option, you can define two personal questions used to reset the password, just in case you forget. Make sure to remember these numbers with your life if you do not want to add secret questions to retrieve the password. All you need to do is type in your own question and type in the answer for you to remember.

If you happen to be using One Safe and you put it down for just a minute while you go do an errand or while you browse at the store, you can choose to have One Safe lock itself within a time range that you prefer. The app can lock itself quickly if you do not alter this option, and you still get the option to have the app unlocked while your device is idle for thirty seconds, two minutes, five minutes, ten minutes and fifteen minutes. The next security option is a password, which you can type in with words, numbers, symbols and anything you want to add that will make your information that much harder to get. You can also choose to draw a pattern on your phone with the nine circles.

If you doubt protection issues from this app, you can have double protection on them with a simple setting. If somebody takes your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, you will have encrypted information that’s gonna be hard to crack. If you want to make it harder for someone to crack your already encrypted passwords, all you have to do is enable Self Destruct mode. Your Apple device will not blow up with this application; it will just trigger a mechanism that erases every single bit of stored information of your app if the person cannot get the password in the first three tries.

If backup is really important to you, you have got to see the backup service that One Safe can provide. In order to use the Backup service, the iPad or iPhone has to be connected on the same network as the computer you are using, whether you have a Windows or a Mac. In order to export your backup, all you need is an encryption key, which is used to restore it. If you would like to upload from your computer to your apple device, all you need to do is set up Import with WiFi upload. Compared to other applications and considering what others have said, this application is worth the $4.99 USD. Other applications are worth half of the price and have not earned enough reputation with their graphics. One Safe is one of the best applications for saving all your passwords.

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  1. Olivier

    … and oneSafe, unlike most of other password storage Apps, integrates with iCloud !


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