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OnPoint Sports is the newest most mind-boggling live football app available for android phones. This app is the property of Onpoint Sports and was launched on September 10th and contains over 1000 individual and team statistics. The app brags with the ability to deliver real time data with an astonishing speed that has not been experienced before by any other app. It only takes three to five seconds to get updated on what has happened in the field. It enables users to subscribe to the players and teams they wish to receive notifications in case of any update. Its ability to deliver timely information enables fans in styling fantasy plays and are kept updated even without seeing the game. This app helps one in following; real time scoring, statistics, box scores and alerts.

This new app version 1.1.10 is an updated version of the existing version 1.1.9. This new app has very improved performance, minor bug fixes and improved support for Marshmallow. This is a must-have app for fantasy players, sports fanatics and casual fans. The app also provides the analysis of game statistics and one by just visiting the app can get the whole action of what has been happening on the ground.

The app enables one to set alerts for games and scores, meaning you will be able to receive updates as much as you have data on in your device. It is connected to twitter feeds and this helps one to see what is trending for both teams and players they have selected. League standings can also be accessed live by the use of this app. With over 1000 statistics and data points, one can easily compare and contrast players and team charts. This app also presents live rosters, player pages with hundreds of statistics, live game highlights, live detailed play by play and field animations and game time statistics.

This app also offers historical gaming with all teams and data since 2012. . This historical information includes play by play, player and team statistics. Other features include; fantasy projections, player head to head feature, player search and weekly league leaders. The app is offered free for download on the public domain. Since its launch on September, it has been rated 3+ in Google store and has received over 1000 installations. This app only works on android phones with android version 4.0.3 and above.

The app is like an answer to most sports fans as it has completely altered the way they have been interacting with the sports statistics. Despite the huge content contained in this app, it is very user friendly. It is not large in size which is a clear indication that it is not going to consume much of your device memory. Everything is well placed and highly organized enabling fans to only access what they want and it can be customized to meet the user`s need.

Onpoint live football app remain the best sports data application on the mobile market today. Its interface is eye appealing and users can navigate through it comfortably and easily to find the information they want.

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