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Most people who are not astronomy enthusiasts will not know what an Orrery is. To put it forth concisely, it is a special device that is used to predict relative positions of planets at a fixed point of time. It consists of a couple of spheres of different sizes that have been arranged to depict the Solar System. Each of these spheres has a simple mechanical system that can be used to move them around such that they give a complete picture of the Solar System.

Now, the traditional orrery has gone digital and 3D with the latest Android app Orrery developed by Trideon.de and released on 23rd May, 2013. Using this app, it is very easy to understand our Solar System. It is an educational app that caters to the imagination of young student minds. It gives a good insight into what lies around us outside our home planet and is a favorite among astronomy lovers.

The Orrery app comes with a detailed image of the solar system with its planets. Launching this app is very simple and so is working with it. To zoom in or out, you just have to pinch in or pinch out. If your curiosity gets the best of you, then you just have to double tap a particular element to know more about it.

The main screen allows one to do a lot more with this app. You can switch to high quality to get a better glimpse into what lies out there. There is also music to keep you tuned in. You have the freedom to select to view asteroids with their trails and even select their orbital speed. Playing around with these is enjoyable and satiates the curiosity of tender young minds. You can switch between landscape support and portrait support on your device to suit your convenience.

Through the Orrery app, you are even allowed to visit and thoroughly explore the surfaces of the Moon, Mars, Venus and Mercury. It would really have helped if the surfaces of all the planets could be explored though. The surface of each of these planets has been mapped in detail and gives you a very realistic feeling. The size and radii of planets have been kept proportional to avoid misguiding anyone who wishes to learn from this app.

The graphics of this app have been done splendidly, which is also the essence of this app and give it an edge over other orrery apps. They have been kept realistic and have been developed with great detail and finesse. The simple stark background helps identify the celestial bodies better, giving it a more naturalistic view. The user interface has been kept simple and made easy to use.

Orrery is a wonderful app for those who wish to explore the Solar System and those that harbor a love for astronomy. It is very different from other educational astronomy apps and provides a clear picture of what lies around us. Also, this app is available in German and English to make it more universal. Its availability in other languages would have been helpful indeed.

Good: Excellent graphics and detailing

Bad: The surface of only a few planets can be viewed.

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