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Osmino is an android application that works like your phone book, yellow pages, white pages and reference book all-in-one. It gives access to Osmino users to current phone numbers, postal addresses, e-mail addresses, photos, messenger details or any other contact information from phone books of other Osmino subscribers. It is a great communication app which allows you to share your phonebook with other Osmino users and have access to theirs as well.

When a user starts Osmino android app for the first time, the contacts from his or her phone books get uploaded on Osmino’s servers. But only the first and last names are uploaded and Osmino does not store any other information on their servers. The other users can easily enter their query or the name of the person or the organization they are looking for. If the contact information is found and the seeder (or the source) of the information is online, users get this information immediately. If not, they have to wait for the seeder to come online and then all the information is delivered to the other user automatically. The whole process is completely anonymous and you never find out where you get any information from or who gets the information from you. Contact information is simply transferred from one phonebook to the other. If a user can’t get access to any information right away, it is later downloaded and the end user gets a notification once the download is complete.

Osmino is the perfect android app if you need somebody’s contact information urgently, be it a doctor or some client. You can find friends, or friends of friends, some co workers whose contact information you don’t have, an old client, or class mate and even millions of people and organizations from all over the world without the hassle of going through yellow pages. Another added advantage of this app is that you get access to the current information and don’t have to worry about any information being outdated. If you enjoy making friends from overseas, you can find people from other people’s phone books, and you would know that the contacts and the photos in the phone book are real. It also gives you access to employers overseas, or numbers of any businesses that you might want to deal with. Osmino is free for life, with no hidden payments or any limitation of usage. The app requires you not to turn it off so that other users can have access to your phonebook all the time. Osmino’s traffic is less than 150 KB a day and uses minimal system resources so you can use it with ease without worrying about the app draining out your battery.

Osmino is a nice android application and takes communication and looking for people to another level. It has received an average rating of 4.1 by the users, with a large number of users giving it a rating of 5, which shows it is easy to use and very helpful too. And since it is free, it’s worth a download.

Worth having Free app – Download Osmino App


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