Out of Brakes – Drive Reckless, If you can !

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Remixes have been appreciated when the composers have mixed the right sounds from their own dictionary with the retro tunes and today we have one such fine remix from the App Store that’s going to blow your mind. It’s the latest iOS app Out of Brakes that I’m talking about and it’s a car race where you’re racing against nobody but you. Now, the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear car-racing is speed. In Out of Brakes, you have no brakes in your car. So speed automatically becomes a big factor in this game. Secondly, you’re driving on a track that’s as busy as a city road. Though there are no commuters other than you, but the road is blocked at so many places with so many different obstacles that sometimes the road has an opening just about the size of your vehicle. So if you’re not exact in your calculations, expect your journey to end right there.

In Out of Breaks, your car is not a one-piece solid body but made of innumerable small pieces. So when you strike an obstruction that’s destructible in nature, your car won’t break completely but some of its pieces would fall down thereby reducing your car to a smaller size. So if you keep on hitting such destructible obstacles one by one, you’d slowly die out to nothing. But, at the same time, if you by chance hit a red-brick wall, which is non-destructible, all the pieces will fall down instantly and your game is over. So while you have to always be careful of obstacles, take some extra-care when dealing with the red ones.

While it’s advisable to stay away from obstacles, some obstacles can actually help you slow down your speed and they don’t break your car either. So do use them properly. Moreover, don’t forget to collect trophies on your way. These will help you unlock better cars which are more rigid in construction and can resist a more severe blow. The options are many with unique designs but it’ll take you a long time before you can unlock them. However, free gifts when you set a new record can help you get them at the right time. If even that doesn’t work, then in-app purchases are always open for you.

The developer has opted for Voxel graphics which make this game stand out-of-the-line. The graphics are neat, clean and cool and it becomes interesting to watch once the game becomes much difficult to survive as the gears shift up. The colours are nice, warm and beautiful and overall I’d say that a rich texture has been maintained. The leaderboard lets you record your high scores and also lets you know where you stand among the lot.

So what are you waiting for? It’s a very beautiful, addicting but challenging game that’s available for free in the App Store. What more do you want!

Pros: beautiful Voxel graphics; addictive but challenging gameplay; different types of obstacles; many cars to unlock; free.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download for ios Download for Android


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