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Have you ever known your wanted to be the best at something? One of the most quickest ways to become the best at something is to have the motivation to do the work over and over again until you become the best!

The interface is well laid out and is presented clearly, you are first presented with a whole grid of games to pick from. Each one looks really fun to play. Once you click on one it will download and then you will be able to play. Each game features a for money game or just for fun games. In the for fun games you play for coins and in some you are able to buy things with these coins that usually change the interface of the game as well as the general look. However when you play for cash you are essentially competing against other players. You buy in with a certain amount of money (you start with a free five dollars by the way) and then you play for the prize. There are two ways to compete. The first way is through a tournament which you can earn the most money, but the tournaments take place every once in a while so usually you have to wait. While you wait you can play to verse somebody one on one, hopefully you verse somebody that is not as well versed in this particular game as you.

Ozone play is a great app that features some very addictive games. The first one I tried out was a game that you had to swipe the basket balls into a hoop. I took some time off from what I was doing and this game entertained me for ages! I even won a couple of dollars by competing against somebody else. Its important to know that you have to buy in to a competitive game. But luckily I had practiced a lot and pick up the win! The second game that I tried out was a simple game which you had to move across train tracks, roads and rivers and not get hit or drown. This gave me a lot of good feelings as it was the perfect balance of challenge and success. I’ll definitely keep playing on my breaks, because yeah the money is cool but the games are just so addictive, I want to become the best!

To get to the point its a fantastic app to have with you for when you need a break. Every single game that is on the app is addictive enough to keep you playing for weeks or months. You will be able to pick up the phone and distract yourself with pure enjoyment each time. Remember to check out each game and see which one you are the best at. You never know you could win every ones money!

The best thing about it is not the money though, the best thing is whole competitive nature of the app. You are able to check your own ratings and stats to see where you are. There is just a lot of different sources of enjoyment flowing into your brain when you play. Ranging from the addictive games, the money, the competition all flowing through you veins as you pick up your phone! Highly enjoyable and very practibally useful so recommend you use it to.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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