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When you’re running a website, you need to take care of all your customers and make sure that all their needs are satisfied. So if a customer visits your website and stops on a page, you must be there to help him/her out. Most of the times, what happens is that the visitor can’t find what he’s looking for and eventually leaves the website. In these situations, you need a live web chat tool so that each visitor can contact your customer care. But sometimes the user hesitates to contact you directly. In that case, it would be nice if you could start the conversation first. So if a customer stays on a page for more than say 5 minutes, then a query will be generated if the user has some problem or not. But this is just the basic idea behind P3Chat and we have much more in there. Let’s check it out.

I am talking about the web application called P3Chat (www.p3chat.com) that was developed in 2009 and is working superbly since then. With P3Chat, the operators can keep a watch on all the visitors of the website along with all the useful information they need to assist them. An operator can see the current page on which the visitor is, the time he has spent on the website, the address from where he has been redirected to your website, IP address and his previous call history with your website. It helps you to understand the client in a better way.

There are many popular IMs that have been incorporated in this app including Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo!, iChat, etc and therefore you don’t need to install any of these separately. The chat widget has all the features that you will find on a premium quality chat messenger. It incorporates features from many different tools and blends them with a fine finish such as typing indicator, links detection, UI localization, chat history, offline messages, etc.

There are many extra features such as the ability to set your own time zone and it is perfect for office use. You can set the time limits for operators and they’ll be receiving the messages only during their office hours. Moreover, you can set a priority list depending upon their experience and performance so that the maximum of your customers are received by the best operators you have.

P3Chat offers a free trial plan for 14 days with full features. After that, you can subscribe to any one of their paid plans starting from $4.4/month/operator and going up to $11.19/month/operator as per your requirements. Installing the app on your website is as simple as pasting a code or you can ask your developer to do it for you. The prices are very reasonable and I think this is a must have tool for every website owner to make it user-friendly and increase their sales.

Pros: many different IMs incorporated; useful customer information tracked automatically; free trial available; intuitive UI.

Cons: none.

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