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Looking for a good pedometer isn’t as easy as people think. Often times you spend on the wrong one and regret later. But there’s nothing like having a fitness guide right at your fingertips. With pacer iPhone app this is exactly what you get. It is your own fitness guide that stays with you forever. Since it is a mobile based app you can carry it whenever you want and wherever you want. It helps you track your workout regime, how far you have walked and more. In simple words, it is your personal trainer that helps you get fit and healthy. The app allows you to track your workout session and blood sugar level, both.

Overview of the App

Pacer app is a free to use app that serves as a digital pedometer. Interestingly, it has been designed to have an edge over the other similar apps. This is a weight loss as well as a BMI tracker combined into a single app. It has been manufactured to track your runs and walks using Google Map. Along with this, it tells you how much you have walked, how many calories you have burned and so on. The app allows you to program is using your weight, height, age for a better fitness. The best thing about the app is that users can go through all the days the app was in use to understand his fitness regime.

Features at a quick glance

The Pacer iPhone app has several amazing features that make it a smart choice. Check some of the most important features here:

· Allows fitness tracking of several days

· Can be used along with other similar apps

· Offers special training plan for beginners

· Includes simple planning tool to record body weight and blood pressure

· It is a free to use application

· Compatible with iPad, iPhone and Apple watch

Advantages of using the Pacer iPhone app

Some of the benefits of using it are listed down here for your ease of understanding:

· Helps lose weight using Trends Page

· Check blood pressure level

· Helps track BMI

· Offers upgrade for more features

· There are no crashes or glitches of the app

· Offers an easy setup

· Displays results through bar graphs

· Works with hardware sensors

· Tracks route on a Google Map for later reference

The cons 

Just like benefits, there are a few drawbacks associated with the Pacer iPhone app. But these are minimal ones compared to the range of benefits and useful features that this app offers to the users:

· Doesn’t measure distance

· Requires user to keep the device in the same place

· Changing of the position daily affects the result

· Doesn’t pair with heart rate monitor

· No option to upload photo

· Excess battery drain

Pacer is one of the most useful apps suitable for those who wish to get back in shape or recovering from illness. It is undoubtedly one of the simple and easy to use apps that gives a detailed information on your progress. Apart from this, it allows you to track the walking distance and view later. In simple words, the app is perfect for those who are looking for something more than a regular pedometer. So, what are you waiting for? Get up, grab your smartphone and start your fitness regime, now.

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