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Are you confused about choosing the right colors for your palette? If you’re a painter or an artist then you may be confused sometimes while choosing the colors for your art. However, if you’re a beginner then it’s quite natural to be confused about the right colors. Well, choosing paint palettes in-store can be a little bit difficult sometimes. But today there are so many apps designed to find paint colors from any source and also find the similar products online which is more convenient than ever before. Moreover, it’s full of fun and saves you a lot of time. Here we’ve brought to you a web app which will help you with your paint color decisions. It’s none other than Painters Palette Finder.

It’s a simple online tool to query and research the most appropriate paints/swatches/colors that you need for your artistic endeavours. Painters Palette Finder is a webapp specially designed for the paint lovers. This app has been created by Jeremy Aiyadurai, this year. With this app, you can search, find and compare colors, acrylic, and fine art oil paint. You can find, compare paints, brands and prices using this app. It covers almost 20 brands to query. It supports oil as well as acrylic painters or artists alike.

You can create your palette very easily using the palette finder app! You need to follow only 3 steps-

Step 1

Select or choose the type of brands of Acrylic/or oils you want to use from a given list of over 20 brands. For example- Atelier Acrylic Color Paints, Pebeo Studio Acrylic Paints, Golden Open Acrylic, System 3-Artist Acrylic, Da Vinci Oil and many more types. So create your palette and drill down your selection choices.

Step 2 

After selecting the type of brands of paint you’re using, select the color to match against by picking a color from the map, which is a combination of so many different colors or you can use an easy pick for selecting the color by its name and image. It’s ultimately your choice.

Step 3 

On the basis of the color and brand chosen, you can get the best deals on fine arts paint via it’s result calculator. You can select brands similar to compare and see what colors are available online. The products fulfilling your demand will be shown here with their prices if they are available online at If they’re not available, then you need to search again and confirm your query. Further, you can buy the product online if you find suitable for your art works.

In this way you can find the right palette for your artistic works. This website is accessible from your desktop, web browser or any mobile device. Painters Palette Finder is free for all the people and no purchases are necessary for using it.

So try this web app and become a color ninja now!

Pros: create a palette easily; supports oil and acrylic painters; over 20 brands; compare similar products available online; simple and easy to use; user-friendly interface; free. 

Cons: none.

I will give this app 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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