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Lovers of online and offline adventure games will find the adventure game to be quite innovative, challenging, and interesting. The popular game has an interesting gameplay that combines both complexity and simplicity with it’s challenging touch of puzzles. The game sold by Exvoid Sarl is available on iOS 10.0 or higher versions and can be download for play with your iPhone or iPad smartphone.

The game plot

The characters behind the game are Pandamino the Panda and his arch rival the fox endowed with cunning traits. The game involves looking for hidden, ancient, and highly treasured dominoes by both characters. The dominoes belonged to the panda’s family before they missed. The fox has stolen the map showing the localities of the dominoes. They are hidden throughout the world and are guarded by the games challenging 3 style matches.

The game takes the panda around on an epic world adventure trying his best to locate thedominoes before the fox does. The panda will have to solve the challenges presented by the 3 style puzzle match before he is able to track down all the dominoes.

The gameplay

You can play online or offline as pandamino the panda. Play the game by sliding the dominoeson a vertical or horizontal way or just flip them around to switch between different colors. To clear the dominoes from the board, you will have to match two or more with the same color. You will have to reach a certain target score to avoid running out of player moves to go to the next level. To successfully win the match you will have to match more dominoes earning more points. Get innovative and discover all hidden dominoes combinations that ensure you earning match dominoes and power up. Both have magical properties to make you win huge scores.

Game features

The Pandamino game is designed with beautiful and varied colors and has superb sound effects. Most notable features are:

Levels The game is built with 200 levels to play your game on. It takes you to many differentparts of the world for an enjoyable adventure.

Gameplay– The game presents a new and totally unique kind of gameplay not seen before in earlier adventure games. The game also presents a totally new type of a 3 style match challenging puzzle for an enjoyable gameplay. The challenges presented by the game requires you to be strategic and use logic.

Characters and storylineThe game presents very interesting characters who make it very enjoyable. Not only are they aggressive, but are also very hilarious. The storyline is easy to follow, interesting and enjoyable.

Game moves– The game is played by rotating and sliding the dominoes around to achieve making matches for 2 or more same color dominoes.

Game interface– The game interface is designed in an easy to follow manner and an enjoyable user interface. The game is provided with a tutorial that is easy to follow.

Availability– You can play the game online or offline. If you play offline, you will not need WiFi to connect.


-The game is interesting and challenging to play.

You can play the game online with friends as a social game.

The game has well-designed features that make it enjoyable.

The challenges in the game enhance your decision-making ability.

The game is free of bugs.


The game can be addictive.

Closing remarks

The Pandamino adventure game gives you all the pleasures that you will get through the brain-taxing effort of solving a unique adventure game puzzle. It presents you with new challengeswith its 3 styled match that requires you to make certain specific decisions and moves.

You will enjoy playing the puzzle adventure game throughout the day or night

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