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The Papyrs is one of the coolest Web Apps ever developed, probably is a by-product of a cool Dutch beer party. It is the age of self-employment where people are trying to get help of the custom technologies available on the market in order to develop their businesses independently and be self-sufficient. Papyrs enables such entrepreneurs to get a customized intranet for their employees, up and working in order to keep their businesses working smoothly. It is a company website that also allows other functionalities like easy sharing of files (documents, images, files) and online forms / requests to and from employees.

Unending functionalities that make Papyrs versatile:

Creation of web pages made easy:

This tool allows the user to create one’s own custom intranet web pages by using the robust drag and drop tool where-in the form fields, text, images and every other web page element is simply dragged from a source to the required destination. This is enabled by a powerful web page editor in the web app itself.

Efficient document sharing:

The Papyrs is helps employees to be aware of all the deals, events and project movements happening within the company so that they are always updated. And vice-versa (the employees updating their work to the benefit of every other on the intranet) too is enabled.

Custom online forms:

This feature refers more to the front end functionality of any website. Customized input screens with relevant form fields can be created for getting data from the required group of employees. With this data, requests can be given to the intranet and reports can be generated after data consolidation.

Cloud concept is applicable:

All files required by the team can be stored in one place and can be accessed securely by any authorized person from anywhere with just an internet connection. This further made effective by the powerful search tool of this app.

Stay connected always:

Intranet messages can be published, discussed and commented on, similar to social networking sites. This type of communication also eliminates tons of emails amongst the employees and clients in an effort to keep everybody in the loop.

Hassle-free set up of intranet:

Being completely hosted by the developers, there is no need to download or install this web app separately. No middle man is required for the set up. The creators of this app also provide free trial and customer support for a nominal subscription fee.

Papyrs – The Web App that says ‘Go Paperless’

True to its name, this application definitely does save paper. The Apps Marketplace is a storehouse of different apps developed by third party vendors. Papyrs is one such program developed by a third party vendor. These web apps are different from others in the sense that they can be integrated with Google apps. This type of sustainable development was a dream in the yester years that has become a reality today and has made life easier and progress faster.

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