PBA® Bowling Challenge – Cool Game for Bowling Fans !

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PBA® Bowling Challenge by Concrete Software lets you experience live bowling on your Android device. The game has lots of trendy music and sound effects when I played the game on my Kindle Fire. There are two game play modes – Career and Quick Play.

The game works by choosing which direction to throw the bowling ball. You can slide left or right to determine the direction. When you have decided, you just need to flick the ball forward to move it forward to the pins. To increase the impact of the moving bowling ball, you just need to flick the ball forward continuously.

You can see the scores after each hit has been carried out. This is similar to the real bowling ball game where you can lift your head up to see the scores for your game except that you don’t need to pay for each game you play. To choose balls of different weights, you just need to use your red dollars to purchase them. The balls differ by power, hook and control and are priced differently. You can exchange pins for the red dollars to purchase the bowling ball you need. You can get free pins by completing certain offers in the game. These offers require you to buy something or sign up a service. You can only purchase gold pins through the Google Play Store. If you are using Kindle Fire just like me, you are out of luck as the game is not supported by the Amazon store.

Although I cannot use the Google Play Store on my Kindle Fire, the game is not crippled. You can still play in Quick Play or Career game mode. In Career game mode, you have to perfect your scores versus the online opponents. You will not be stressed as you cannot see the online opponents playing besides you. After the game ends, then you are able to see the final scores and how you fare against your opponents. The Career game mode is also known as Open Bowling. I got in 4th place with a score of 95 in the game. It also informs me to do better in the next round. You can replay any rounds in the Open Bowling match if you feel you can do better. This is the game where you just need to flick your fingers to play Bowling on your Android device. Cool game concept for Bowling Fans!

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