pCloud- An Enhanced File Stroage System

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With the development of technology, we want our data and information to be available to us anywhere and anytime. This power is given to us by the cloud. However, the cloud hasn’t appealed too well to the masses. So, it is time to enhance it a bit. pCloud, an iOS app, does just that.

This app is a good competitor for DropBox. Going by the name of pCloud, it comes with an accompanying suite, which provides both enormous data storage and great speeds. If DropBox has caught your fancy, then pCloud will top your list of cloud favorites. You can sync between your desktop and your iOS device. As a beginner, you get a delightful 10GB of storage space. Any changes made on either will be automatically updated in no time.

Sharing links to items in your collection could not have been made easier. And this is not limited to any type of data in particular. When an item is shared, pCloud creates a public link that can be included in emails, text messages, chats or any social media. Smoke signals can also be used if you like. The working of the app and results are quite noticeable to just anyone. The basic concept is that you can store all kinds of data, edit it as you like and be rest assured that it will be synced.

The user interface of pCloud scores in terms of design over all other cloud services in the market. The sliding drawer towards the side gives it a unique edge indeed. The selection of file types from all the types is a welcome addition. It helps you organize your documents into separate categories of music, entertainment, business and the rest. Besides, the app is quite minimalistic in its design and focuses more on functionality than anything else. All of your data is accessible easily, with the chances of it getting lost tending to zero.

On the financial aspect, pCloud is not very hard on your wallet either. You get 10GB of space free of cost. If you require more, then you are required to shell out $4.99 every month. While this might seem fairly expensive, it is not in comparison with other popular cloud services at present. Also, another big advantage offered by this app is its offline access. This feature allows you to mark certain files as favorites and access them even without the availability of an internet connection.

Besides having all your data easily accessible and secured, you also get the option of easy sharing with friends and family. Any changes made to your data are visible in fractions of seconds. All data stored is also automatically backed up for you. There are no limits to the amount of data that you can store or to the type of data that you can store. To sum it up, this app provides an ideal solution for keeping all your data safe and accessible at all times. Its interface and additional features give it a unique edge over all other services in its niche.

Good: Offline access for select files

Bad: None

Worth Having Application :  Download the App


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