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As a businessman, I myself find PDF (Portable Document Format) files very useful and important as it allows me to view graphs, charts and reports all in a single report. It surpasses Microsoft Word and other formats and is very easy to use. That is why today, I will be introducing to you a new PDF Reader that has appeared on the market for the app market, aptly named as PDF Reader Pro.

PDF Reader Pro, developed by YUYAO Mobile Software, is a sleek and sharp PDF Reader, which allows you to read your PDF files anywhere on the go as long as you have your iDevices. With this amazing app, you can convert all sorts of files’ formats like from word format, excel format and even from a picture format. If you possess the new iPad that was released just this year, then you will be able to experience the Retina display which PDF Reader Pro can bring to you.

Other than being able to save to PDF file formats, it also allows you to sign documents and complete forms and applications. Never would you have to go to a PC and type the details out one by one when you can just use your iPhone to fill in details on the go. If you need to mail out important documents immediately, PDF Reader Pro can do that too. It also utilizes the latest cloud storage technology, where you will be able to store all your PDF files up into the iCloud storage system.

This app also can scan, print and manipulate images and convert them to PDF files. Wireless printing will allow you to save time where you will need to plug your iPad into your CPU’s USB and wait for the images to transfer into your iPad. Now, you can instantaneously move image files from the scanner to your iPad.

If you are an academic person and likes to read texts while on the train or bus, this app is also for you. Great for reading due to its clear display, it will also highlight the text that you want in different assortments of colors, like yellow and pink. You can even put annotations onto any text that you find on the PDF files. If you are puzzled about a word, you can search online with Google on this app. PDF Reader Pro also supports other major document types, like .docx.

However, the price of $5.99 may come as a big shock to all of you. You may ask, “why should I pay 6 dollars for an app when I can download other variants for free online?” However, PDF Reader Pro is not your ordinary PDF Reader app. It is packed with powerful functions and you will not miss a single cent by purchasing it.

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