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PeepAdvice is a free app developed by PeepAdvice Inc. for the iPhone. You can download it for free from the Apple store. The app makes it easy to get advice from experts as well as friends. You can receive advice quickly and also share it with your friends and others. For instance, if your roommates have asked you to buy coffee for the house, you can pose the question and ask the community, which one is better, showing the images of two options of coffee. You can then view how many have voted for both the options and then take a more informed decision. You can also view the comments on the topic.


  • You can receive as well as share ideas quickly.
  • You can mention the top two choices and share them by asking a question on them. Others can then vote on these choices.
  • The user of PeepAdvice can also browse through the decisions taken by others and weigh in.
  • The polling questions can also be shared in the social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Your network along with your followers can advise you on the options that you have posed.
  • You can use the app for any purchases that you are considering or for other subjects, such as styles and fashions or for fitness and health related queries and doubts.
  • The app is also useful for answering questions on a wide range of topics, such as sports, politics, travel, health and even love and romance and health.
  • You can also offer advice to other friends through the PeepAdvice community regarding their decisions, so that they can make good decisions.
  • PeepAdvice is a free app of 2.69 MB size with the i9 Operating system for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs as well as the iPod Touch of 3rd Generation or something later.
  • There are icons such as Advice, Ask, Friends and Profile that you can click.
  • While trying to get advice, you can browse through categories, such as All, Popular and Following as well.

The Bad

You will need an iTunes account in order to download the app. When the votes are balanced, it could lead to confusion and indecision.

The Good

Advice and Feedback can be received very quickly. The app helps you make better decisions. It also gives the user greater confidence while taking the decision. It is a fun app and is very simple to handle.


PeepAdvice is an awesome iPhone and iPad app that helps you seek and give advice when you are trying to make tough decisions. You can receive advice from friends when you use this free app from PeepAdvice Inc. The user can ask questions about the top two choices and his friends can then vote on the query. It is also easy to browse through the decisions made by others regarding the question and weigh in. The questions and advice can be shared through Facebook or Twitter. For instance, you can ask a question, such as ‘Where should I study abroad? You must offer two choices, then check out the votes given to the two options and read the comments to make a wiser and more confident decision.

Worth Having Application : Download the Application


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