PersonalityMatch iPhone App Review

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Basic Overview

This app basically gives the user a quiz to help determine their personality. The series of questions are used to help determine what you would do in certain situations other questions are general. The app uses these answers to formulate a hypothesis to narrow down your personality. Personality Match is available in the app store for IOS, and in the GooglePlay store. It is a completely free app with an optional sub-charge in the app; this app has four and a half stars.

How to get into the app In the device that the user has type in “Personality Match.” When the enter key is hit, the app that comes us first is the app the user should download. When the app is opened the user is presented with three choices: Login, Sign up, and Sign up using FaceBook. The login is for user who already have an account. The Sign up process isn’t very long, it’s the basic email, username, and password. The easiest way to get into the app would be through FaceBook. If the FaceBook app is already downloaded the user has to click on the option that says “Sign up with FaceBook.” If the user doesn’t have the FaceBook app downloaded, just enter in the FaceBook email and password. Form there the user’s FaceBook picture will appear, click the approve button and that user will be automatically signed up for the app.

Performance :

There aren’t many questions on this app for the personality quiz. Most of the questions are how would you describe yourself or what would you do in that situation. For the accuracy portion, this app is decently accurate. The app gives you a codename of sort for the user’s personality. One example would me the personality called: The Composer. These results give the user a good insight on what you are, however the results are only meant to be a building block. In other words, the results are supposed to be an estimate of the user’s personality. After the users basic results come out, the app goes into more detail, with each section. The sections the app expands upon are: Experiences, Spontaneous, Artists, Values, and Reserved. Each of these topics give general statements which helps the user better understand themselves. In addition the app give the user an option to to look at the most optimal career path. However, the career finder is priced at $2.99. Another great aspect is a personality match section. The app allows the user to invite other people and then the app compare both the users personalities and gives a compatibility percentage.

Overall The app is accurate in a broad sense; the results of this app aren’t meant to be absolute or 100% correct, they are meant to be building blocks. This information can help because it gives the user an idea on how to learn or how to better intact with people in the long run. In addition, this app is very fun for people who don’t want to answer a hundred or more questions for other personality tests. This app is easy, quick, and accurate; defiantly worth the download.

Worth Having App – Download the App


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