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All Android phones these days are equipped with a camera. While we may not all be skilled photographers, it is definitely much easier to whip out your phone which you carry all the time, and shoot that perfect moment in an instant. And if you happen to have a high-end phone, obviously the quality of images captured by the phone camera is bound to be great. However, it is believed by most photography enthusiasts that megapixels do not make a great photograph, but it is the person behind the lens who makes it look truly amazing. And if you are that kind of person, who can make anything, right from the most mundane objects in day-to-day life, to more complex themes such as beauty or anger look absolutely stunning with your mobile photography skills, then PhotoGame is an app you should definitely try out.

PhotoGame, developed by Viral, is a theme based photography game where players get to choose a theme of there liking and submit photographs related to that theme. Each game has you pitted against four other players who also submit their own pics related to that time. The photo with the best ranking wins the game. Simple premise, but a nice and exciting way of comparing your camera-phone photography skills against other users who share the same passion.

The app is quite simple to use. When you launch PhotoGame for the first time, you need to register using an email address and a username. Registration is quick and you can jump right into the game within a matter of seconds. Once you have signed in, and selected a new game, you get to choose from a set of themes which range from regular objects that you can come across anywhere, like Door, or Drink, or Dinner to those with philosophical or conceptual tones like Soul or Fire. Once you select the theme of your choice, you can click a photo that you think is most relevant to that theme and submit it in the game. Then, all you need to do is to wait till all the four participants in that game have made their submissions. Once that is done, you get to rank the set of images by arranging them in order of 1-4, where 1 stands for the image that you feel ranks the best. Once all participants have finished rating all the images, the one with the highest rating wins the game.

There is also an extensive gallery which showcases all the finished games based on different themes. You can browse through the many different themes and get a feel of the kind of photographs other people are submitting, and hone your skills accordingly. Alternatively, you can also choose the My Games mode, to check out your own completed games and how you stack up against other photography enthusiasts.

The app interface is quite elegant, and extremely easy to use. Navigation is quite intuitive and first time users will have no problems getting to know how to play the game. You can choose to turn sounds, notifications and help text on or off. You can also provide feedback on individual pics submitted by users. If you want to invite your friends to a game, you can easily click the Invite Friends option and do so. Social network sharing is integrated, and all you can share your winning shot on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp and the likes.

Overall, PhotoGame is a unique, but well-designed game, which lets you pit your photography skills against other users. The app is compatible with all Android devices running Android 2.2 or higher, and can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.

What’s Good?

  • Well Designed & Easy to Use interface
  • Wide variety of themes available

What could be better?

  • Ability to select pics from Gallery for upload

Worth Downloading Application – Download the Application


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