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Have you ever worked with a database or still working with it in your daily profession. If yes, then you’ve likely worked with the CRUD operations. Didn’t get? You’ve used it so many times, but may not be familiar with this acronym. Basically, it stands for Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) and these are the 4 basic functions of persistent storage. These operations are often used with SQL and stands for an online application that displays the contents of a database in list form, that allows you to modify or delete each record and add new ones. So today, I’m going to review one such web app where you can build a complete Admin Panel using PHP CRUD Generator from your MySQL database.

Crud Generator
is an online application designed to
create a complete admin panel for any website using a MySQL Database. With this
web application, you’ll be able to build a complete Bootstrap admin panel from
your MySQL Database. The app has been developed by using the most popular web
technologies and made it a powerful and intuitive tool intended to create
Bootstrap administration. You can do many crud PHP operations with this app
using CRUD Generator such as create, read, update, and delete within minutes.

The website is built with pure PHP, MySQL,
Bootstrap 4 and jQuery, therefore, it analyses your database and allows you to
use a simple and intuitive interface to create a complete PHP CRUD having
advanced features. There are a lot of demo videos and tutorials to help you in
building the Admin Panel. They will help you to know the tool better before you
make a choice. The online demo allows you to test PHPCG without any restriction
as well.

With PHPCG, you can manage any type of
structure and content using the content management system generated. There are
a lot of simple yet powerful configuration tools provided to make your changes
to the data which totally depends on the type of data you’ve selected. For
example- Rich Text Editors, Fate and Time Pickers, Advanced Uploader, Select
Lists, Radios & Checkboxes. Then, the administration panel can be
customized as per your need using: custom labels, nested tables, navigation
with organized categories.

The procedure of using PHP CRUD GENERATOR is
very simple and a one-page application. First, you need to open the website and
select the MySQL table to integrate into the admin panel. Then, generate the
corresponding data table (READ) and the insert/update forms (CREATE/UPDATE) as
well as the deletion form (DELETE). Finally, open your Bootstrap admin panel
and your CRUD is now ready to use. Unlike other apps, you won’t have to program
the elements of your website admin panel. The various components of the
customer admin panel are generated and edited in real-time during the
validation of each form. You can therefore access the client admin panel and
test its functionalities anytime.

Overall, this tool provides an engine capable
of an in-depth analysis of your MySQL database, which allows you to understand
the logic of your application, extract the structure and data in a correct way:
using field type analysis, validation criteria, primary and foreign keys.

PHPCG will definitely prove to be productive
for you and your organisation as well. Give it a try now!

Pros: create complete admin panel using MySQL; do CRUD operations; easy to
use; work within minutes; simple yet powerful tools; free to use.

Cons: none.

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