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Language often acts as a hurdle when business matters are considered. A lot of start-ups fail to gather enough audience because they do not consider more than one language for communication. PhraseApp, a translation management system, will help you get rid of these woes. They have a simple yet powerful aim- make the process of localizing a website or an app into multiple languages fast, simple and easy.

PhraseApp is the ultimate translation management platform- an online service and tool that enables you to make your product available in a variety of languages. It comes with a translation control center that provides a central dashboard to all users for translation projects. Inviting new team members, collaborating with them and getting a quick start on localization and translation is easier than ever.

Another amazing feature of this app is its integration with Slack. Slack is a collaboration tool that helps send messages and notifications across teams. This way, there is no chance that anyone in the team will miss a single update. The visual design and user interface allows you to get an overview of all your projects with just a glance. You can view all recent translations, see the progress being made and analyse this to deduce what needs to be done as yet. You can also communicate this to your team with ease. The interface also comes with an efficient search engine to make your work easier.

If you would like to keep a track of all your work from time to time, this app allows you to log the same. There is a Change History Tool that will remember all the changes you make. You can use this tool to look at older versions of your project. In case you go wrong somewhere, you can always restore the project to its previous state. Another superb feature is the sync with your GitHub repository. This way, you can be assured that nothing will go so wrong that it cannot be fixed.

There is an interesting In-Context Editor tool that comes with this app. This tool essentially allows you to browse websites as and when you translate them. You get a good amount of information about the context while you directly translate text on the target website. This way, you can get superior quality of translation. This, combined with their API and professional translator, give the service a unique edge.

There are a number of pricing plans available based on the number of managed words. The number of managed words is calculated as a product of number of project locales and number of words in the default locale. The app comes with a free trial that limits the amount of unique translation units available. There is a Startup plan priced at $59 per month that allow you 50,000 managed words, change history feature and unlimited projects. Each plan includes API access, Premium customer support, In-Context editor and unlimited users. This satisfies the basic needs of any project. Higher plans come with many more features. There are also custom plans that you can base on your personal requirements. A Yearly plan comes with a discount too.

Good: Efficient tools

Bad: None

Worth Having App – Download the App


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