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An amazingly addictive and fun iPhone app that revolves around a simple spinning wheel puzzle game, Pins and Needles is a great pastime, be it to counter boredom at office or at home. Pins and Needles is an inventive new iPhone App available on the iTunes Store, with a unique concept and a recreational game that is really engaging and interesting to play.

A completely touch based, no D-pad game, Pins and Needles can be played in to main game modes. It’s a puzzle game in which the center of attraction is a spinning wheel. The attempt is to successfully land pins on to the spinning wheel without them touching each other, or landing numbers on to the pointed heads of the various needles pinned on to the wheel.

Once you download and install the app on your iPhone, the app launches with a white screen featuring a dark rotating wheel, with two options. The first option is to Play Pins, while the second option is to Play Needles. These are the two different game modes available throughout the game.

Should you choose to Play Pins, the app will open up a new screen, where a spinning wheel that is free of any attachments has to be attached by pins available with little numbers on them. One must, however, take care that one pin does not touch another, or the game is over. The initial levels are easy to play, but the game gets more and more difficult as the levels progress and the number of pins increases, the wheel now rotating much faster.

Now that you choose to Play Needles. The game will be slightly different. There will be a white screen with the same black spinning wheel. However, this time, the wheel will present itself already pin cushioned by a number of pointed pins. Your job is to put the various numbers one by one on the already shown needles. This is a bit harder as the needles are pointy, and there is a greater chance of missing the targeted needle. However, other rules remain the same as the number of needles as well as the speed of the rotating wheel increases at higher levels. Thus, the early levels are easier and it gets harder as the game progresses.

The game requires great coordination, an alarmed pace and often gets more creative by reverse spinning and sudden increases in speed. It can quite catch you off-guard if you aren’t careful enough.

This casual yet addictive game/app has been developed by Harold Hemmings. It is currently available for play in the iTunes store only, as an Android or Windows Store version is yet to be released. It is completely free to play with in-game ads that can be removed easily with a small in-app purchase of 99 cents. It is recommended that you try out the game first, and, if you happen to like it, you can go for the Add Removal purchase for a smoother in-game experience.