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There is always a great consideration in ensuring that the loved ones or other close allies are safe whenever they are anytime, anywhere. This actually implies that there is need to keep a close contact with, a factor which may be quite hard to fully achieve. But with the recent improvements in the technology, there is no need to worry. Concurrently, Planet 911 LLC has unleashed a great app referred to as Planet 911 which is essential in ensuring that the security is maintain at its level best regardless of the geographical limitations.

How the Planet 911 app Works

It is clear that this amazing app attributes its development to the need of getting an equivalent tool for boosting security. It has been designed in a way that it is quite simple to operate; it requires only a touch of a button to send some alert. Surprisingly, the alert is instant to the closest contacts who may receive the updates in relation to the current situation of the user both in audio and video communication. The incorporation of the GPS component within the app makes it quite easy to locate the geographical position and the whereabouts of the individual in potential threat.

Suitable Devices for Planet 911 app

This is a great app that has adopted a high quality formation in relation to the technology setup and the classic design of operation. This makes it to flawlessly perform well on highly defined devices that portray great performance. In relation to that, Planet 911 app tends to work best on iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. When it comes to the operating system, this app applies iOS 8.0 or any latest version in order to boost the overall performance.


The game comes along with unique features that make it an incomparable tool when it comes to tackling security concerns. They include the following:

GPS Connectivity

One will discover that the GPS location feature has been perfectly incorporated within this app to highly assist in efficient tracking of location points. It helps in making records of an individual location then sends them to closely related people who can use them in tracking the user’s location.

Contact list for emergency purposes

For now, this version of the app supports storage of 10 contact list that can be reached to during emergency case. How are the contacts relevant? Actually, when an individual sends an alert either using the red or yellow button, the alert is end to those who have the contact and they can quickly respond to the individual’s situation.

Levels of alerts

This amazing app comes along with two varying alert levels that the user can apply in different situations. First is the red button that can send alert when an individual is in a critical situation or danger that needs quick attention. The next button is colored in yellow and it is meant to send signals each time one feel some discomfort in relation to the surrounding situation.

Supports video and audio recording

Interestingly, besides the Planet 911 app supporting personal siren (meant to scare off burglars and intruders) to alert the loved ones, it also facilitate different recordings both in audio and in video format. Actually, this may sound as a good integration that can highly assist in cases where evidence of events might be required by authorities. Nothing is left unrecorded at all!

New Features?

Planet 911 app has come up with a new feature that allows one to take a preview of the recordings being taken by the video option. This happens for both levels of emergency (level 1 and 2). Besides, the video can be ready for testing after adjusting to the required settings.

Below are the Pros and Cons evident in the Planet 911 app:


· High quality performance with quick response

· Great proof for evidence in a case

· Saves on time taken to issue aid

· Easy to understand and use

· A good app for enhancing personalized security


· Low performance when no updates done

· Not effective in areas with no internet


In summary, Planet 911 app has proven to be really efficient and high-performing tool that has met the quality standards to deliver the best to the users. In spite of providing a secure and safe condition to the loved ones, this top-rated app( 4+ rating) has gone further to ensure that it records every detail both in video and audio. This makes it easy to reach out to the user and offer needed help. Indeed, this is a must recommend app for download from the App Store. Let Planet 911 app gives the security needed in the best way!

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