Planet Matrix : Fun, Entertaining iphone Game

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Planet matrix is an extremely popular and addictive puzzle game that is inspired by many of the classic puzzle games. The theme of the game is very indulging and the colourful graphics just attracts your eyes. The game’s music is unique and quite soothing to the ears.The game is basically based on a monkey named Fourier who leaves his jungle life to find out more about planet matrix. Now it is on your hands to protect him and help him explore planet matrix. So, sharpen your brain and solve puzzles to become an ultimate winner. You can download this game on your iPad and iPhones from the App Store.

All about the game

Planet Matrix is an iOS app which has been able to catch many eyeballs. This game makes you addicted to it as you will discover new levels and different challenges to be the winner. It is all about the thrilling journey of Fourier, the Monkey to discover Planet Matrix. The total size of this app is 77.2 Mb and does not require an Internet connection to play. However, you need an active internet connection to make any in-app purchases. Watch out for some exciting game features which are not going to let you take eyes off it. This puzzle game can be your best companion when you are waiting for a bus, or getting bored in a family meeting. You can even play this game while travelling as it does not require any internet connection.

Planet matrix : Game features

There are a few in-game features which are exciting and will surely make you happy. Here are some of the game features:

· The user can explore new levels of puzzle-solving

· Unique background music makes the gaming experience better

· District backgrounds for each level

· Increased difficulty with each level

· Rich and easy user interface

· A perfect challenging game for people all ages

· The user can learn maths while solving

Planet Matrix: Pros

Planet matrix certainly trains your brain and helps your child to build a much sharper brain. This game allows the child to solve puzzles by using mathematics and logic. Here are some of the pros of this game:

· Easy and simple puzzle solving

· Helps improve logic and reasoning.

· Entertaining time pass game

· Regular updates to make the app better

· It can be played with anyone, anytime

· Helps kids sharpen their minds and love maths

· Sharpens their brain to make them smarter

Planet matrix: Cons

However, there were some flaws which were quickly fixed by its developers. There were regular updates which have solved the crashing of this app. Many users stated that this game is a little overpriced and needs a price slash in the iOS store. However, the developers are planning to make the app smooth with latest updates.

Are you smart enough to solve the puzzle and go through all the levels and become a master of this game? Play it with your child or with your partner and you will never get bored of it. Indulge yourself into this game and explore Planet Matrix. So, download this game from the App Store and indulge yourself in this exciting journey of Fourier, the Monkey and help him discover Planet Matrix.

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