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Pirate Legends TD, released in August 2014, is one of the most amazing tower defense games ever, despite the already-existing abundance of tower defense games on mobile. Pirate Legends TD offers a superior quality experience and stands out with a real AAA quality title. The best thing about this game is that it has got the depth of the Age of Empires genre. The creators of this game have transferred the depth of the Warcraft and Command & Conquer genre to mobile, without driving too many of the non-serious players away.

Pirate Legends TD is visually friendly, appealing to a large volume of players. It is a decent tower defense game that looks great and is mighty challenging. With more than 2 million players, this game is the biggest award-winning TD (Tower Defense) game with breathtaking visuals and long hours of free fun. Some of the features of Pirate Legends TD are:


  • 5 heroes with special skills are there in the game of Pirates Legends.
  • 20 special towers with unique abilities will be found.
  • There are 2 upgrade paths.
  • A player can defend his ship against more than 30 different enemies and 4 horrifying bosses.
  • 3 difficulty modes make the game even more interesting.
  • Epic challenges for the most courageous pirates.
  • Awesome character voice-overs.
  • Amazing and unique soundtracks.
  • 36 achievements are there to be reached in the game.
  • Uninterrupted action-defense gameplay.
  • It can be played on iPhones and iPads, besides Android.
  • The Android beta testing came out great. Pirate Legends TD scored 4-5 stars throughout the Google Play Store.
  • The little details enchant the players, as the game is packed with special background characters, each of them having their own place in the story.
  • Internet connection is required only during the installation of the game. It is not needed to play Pirate Legends TD.
  • The game is full of robust action that takes place on the high seas. The player can navigate his ship through the terrifying waters of the Caribbean as he defends himself from the villainous Imperial Navy, the restless Undead Horde, and starving Cannibals.
  • This game breathes new life into the stagnant genre of tower defense games.
  • The current version of Pirate Legends TD is 1.2.2 and takes around 380 MB space.
  • It needs Android 4.0 and above.


Summary:           Pirate Legends TD is set across 6 lush environments like Caribbean Tropics, Lost Temples, Undead Lands, Cannibal Swamps, and Pirate Towns and Forts. It has powerful water combat systems, loot convoys, enemies & bosses, towers, rivers, pirate galleon, flying aces, and relic powers. The towers have immense visual personality and charm. The rivers are a cool feature having a huge effect on player strategy.

Good:   Pirate Legends TD can be downloaded for free in the Play Store along with “in-app” purchases. It is integrated with Google Game Play Services that include 36 achievements and cloud saving.

Bad:       There is no bad report about this newly launched tower defense game, yet.

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